LRGS Alumni - Old Lancastrians

Welcome to the Alumni section of the LRGS website. Here you will find information on the Old Lancastrian Club, recent and forthcoming Old Lancastrian events and more. The calendar has been updated to show the upcoming Dinners and events to which all OLs are welcome. 

If you have any questions or comments about the website, or enquiries regarding forthcoming events please contact

Alumni Officer via email or tel 01524 580608.

School Archives

Do you have any questions about the history of the School, its staff or its pupils? Or do you have any information about Lancaster Royal Grammar School, former staff or Old Lancastrians that you believe we might find interesting and useful? If so, please email us.

Archive Photos

We have now made a selection of photos from our archives available online. Take a look at them here, keep checking the link as new photos from old OL Dinners and select other photos will be going on there regularly.