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Boarding - Admissions

11+ entry 

11+ boarding applicants sit the entrance exam in school on 29 September 2018 along with day applicants.  If they miss this date, they have the opportunity to take the Boarders' Entrance Test on Tuesday 29 January 2019. If you would like to take the Entrance Test but have missed these dates, please contact us to see if we can make separate arrangements. 

Please contact our Admissions team who will be happy to guide you through the admissions process and arrange a personal visit to the school, to meet the Headmaster and boarding staff.

Email: Emma Jones 

Tel: +44(0)1524 580600

Entry at 12+, 13+, 14+ and 16

The majority of boys enter the school at 11+ but arrangements are made for entry at any stage up to and including the Sixth Form.

A few additional places are sometimes available at 12+ 13+ and 14+ and are allocated on the basis of internal tests.  These tests are held at the end of January.   It is possible to take the tests on other dates. Please contact Elaine Simmill for more information about testing. Tel: +44(0)1524 580600

An increasing number of boys enter the school at 16+ on the basis of GCSE results and school report. The entry requirement for Year 12 (Lower Sixth) is at least six grade 6s or better in the GCSE examinations plus a minimum of grade 5 in both English Language and Mathematics.  Students need a minimum of a grade 6 in any subject to be taken to A-level. Once again, contact Mrs Jones for more information or visit our Sixth Form Boarding page for more information.

Meet the boarding staff

"There is a great relationship between staff and boys" (Boarding parent)

We offer a highly personalised, one-to-one experience when you visit the school.  You and your son will meet the boarding staff who are caring for the boys and you will visit the boarding houses. You will meet the Headmaster and you will be taken on a tour of the school by an experienced sixth form boarder who will tailor your tour to suit you and your son's particular interests.

Putting your mind at rest

"My son is having a fantastic time and can never wait to come back to school" (Boarding parent)

We realise that this visit will be the key deciding factor about whether you decide to go apply to LRGS.  We also appreciate that you may be anxious about making this important decision: is boarding right for your son?  If so, is LRGS the right school for him?  We hope that by the end of the visit you will be reassured that as well as receiving an excellent education, your son will be very well cared for during his time at LRGS.  We are happy to talk to you in advance of your visit, to find out what your specific interests and concerns are.  We also value any constructive feedback after your visit, to ensure that our tours and visits really are satisfying the needs of all prospective boarders and their families.  We can assure you of a warm welcome at LRGS and look forward to meeting you and your son.

Travel and transport

There are directions by car here.  Please get in touch if you require further information.

Overseas applicants

"Moving from overseas was not easy for our son.  He has succeeded as a result of the excellent welcome and the support he receives at school"  (Boarding parent)

We welcome applicants from overseas but as LRGS is a state school, all applicants must be the sons of holders of UK or EU passports.  The only exception is for those whose parents are living and working in the UK - usually in academic or commercial posts - and have a Home Office permit to reside.  All pupils must be fluent in English, which is the sole medium of instruction.  The school has no facilities for teaching English as a second language.

All overseas entrants must have a UK-based guardian, usually a relative or friend of the family.  There are also guardianship agencies, one of which has a local representative: White House Guardianships, tel: 0044 – 1202 521 100.  Their website is www.whg.eu.com.

For those visiting the school and needing overnight accommodation in Lancaster, details are available on the Tourist Information website.