Lancaster Royal
Grammar School


Lancaster Royal Grammar School Academy Trust

Academy Trusts have different governance arrangements from schools that are under Local Authority control and their Trustees (governors) have a wider range of duties than governors of maintained schools. Academies also have an additional layer of governance, known as Members.  The Members are responsible for appointing Trustees, receiving the statutory accounts at their Annual Meeting and for making any changes to the constitution of the Academy Trust (known as the Articles of Association).

The Members of Lancaster Royal Grammar School Academy Trust are: Dr Julia Aglionby, Mr Michael Burrow, Mr Anthony Collinson and Mrs Debbie Garritty.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for making strategic decisions and for overseeing the operation of the school.  As an academy is also a charitable company limited by guarantee, the Trustees have duties both as directors under company law and as trustees under charity law.

The main role of the Trustees of Lancaster Royal Grammar School is to work with the Headmaster to set the strategic direction and guiding principles of the school.

Trustees are also responsible for:

  • Ensuring the quality of the educational provision
  • Challenging and monitoring the performance of the school
  • Ensuring the effective management of the resources, finances, property and employees of the school

The Board of Trustees works at a strategic rather than operational level delegating operational matters to the Headmaster. The Trustees - who include members of stakeholder groups, such as parents, Old Lancastrians, the Duchy of Lancaster and the local community - put the education and welfare of the pupils at the heart of their decision-making. They monitor the work, standards and performance of the school. They work collectively, offering their time and effort on a purely voluntary basis because they are proud to be associated with the school and are dedicated to its continuing excellence.

Current Trustees

Mr Howard Roberts
Chair of Board of Trustees
East Road
Lancaster LA1 3EF

Mr Richard Gittins
Clerk to the Board of Trustees
East Road
Lancaster LA1 3EF  

Dr Christopher Pyle, Headmaster (Ex-Officio)
Professor Martin Alexander
Mr William Bancroft  
Mr Paul Benson
Mr Peter Dyer
Mr Matthew Dobson
Mr Mark Hodgett
Dr Robin Jackson
Mr Nick King
Mr Andrew Lund
Dr Nina Parekh
Mrs Wendy Preston
Mr Stephen Quick
Mr Douglas Walker
Mr I Whitehouse
Mr Mark Youlton

Parent appointed Trustees

Dr Marina Bazhydai
Mr Jonathan Halsey 

If you would like to contact The Chair, or any of our Trustees, or obtain minutes of Board of Trustee or committee meetings please contact us via the Clerk to the Board of Trustees