Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Praesis ut Prosis Award

The Praesis ut Prosis Award seeks to embody the school motto (Lead In Order To Serve), encouraging students to lead and serve within the school and wider community.  

In preparation for Post-18 options, the Praesis ut Prosis Award will seek to recognise, develop and enhance experience and achievement in a work-related environment through a variety of activities from the following categories: 

Work Experience 


Community Volunteering 

In-school Service 

Attendance of Careers and Employability Workshops 


Students will be issued with a log book in October of the Lower Sixth and our expectation is that all Lower Sixth students will engage with the Praesis ut Prosis Award. Through involvement with this award, students will develop their leadership skills, independence and key transferable, employability skills such as:  

  • communication 
  • collaboration 
  • interpersonal skills 
  • time management 
  • problem solving 
  • decision making 
  • creativity 
  • reflection  
  • community and global awareness 

Students will receive either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate at the end of their time in Sixth Form, presented by the Headmaster in a special assembly.