Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Sixth Form Boarding

LRGS has a vibrant Sixth Form of 350 students.  As one of the top grammar schools in the country, our students consistently attain a high level of academic achievement.  

Around three-quarters of our A-level results are at A*, A or B grade and almost all of our leavers go on to university, many of them to the most competitive institutions, including 10-12% to Oxford and Cambridge.

Our Results page gives a detailed breakdown of our most recent AS and A-level results by subject, and shows university destinations.

Our latest Ofsted inspection found that 'Attainment in the Sixth Form is well above that found nationally' and rated the school 'Outstanding' across all categories.  

If you missed our Open Evening, please read our Sixth Form Prospectus for more information about our entry requirements and please get in touch to arrange a tour. If you would like to apply for a boarding place in September, please complete our online application form.

Tom says: I joined LRGS  as a weekly boarder as I made a conscious decision to choose the best option for myself.  Boarding benefits me more than coming to LRGS as a day pupil by simplifying my daily routine.  It effectively gives me more sleep, I have a cooked breakfast prepared for me every day and there is no lengthy bus journey home after rugby training, which would mean not getting home until 7pm.

I really enjoy living in the boarding house.  There is a wealth of support in the boarding community, mainly from upper years who supported me when I was younger and now that I am in Upper Sixth I can help and support the younger boys,  both academically and with extra-curricular activities too.

The allocated prep times have given me a huge boost in grades, it just makes it so much easier to get on with work and the teachers tend to run extra revision sessions in the run up to exams which is really helpful.’.

There are many opportunities as a Sixth Form boarder but primarily you have a place to relax and work during free periods and your own desk space which really helps me to focus.  I can easily say the person I am now is because of the social development I have undergone as a boarder.  Over the past four years I've been able to live with a mix of age groups in a relaxed and democratic atmosphere.  It's saved me money too (unlikely as it sounds!), as you effectively get a free gym and pool membership through evening use of the sports facilities.

To summarise the advantages of boarding I’d say it’s easy to work, there is a great social side to life in the boarding house and it’s a great advantage being able to use the facilities on site.  Living in the boarding house community has enabled me to become more confident and I can now easily hold a conversation and chat to anyone!

Becoming a Sixth Form Boarder

Josh says: I have two main reasons for choosing boarding, firstly I knew it would make life simpler being in the school rather than having to travel back and forth every day, giving me more time to work on my studies and secondly because it would give me a better sense of what living in dorms would be like in university, as well as giving me more independence.

You are expected to want to learn so once you make that choice then boarding at LRGS has many great ways of supporting you in your study.  The boarding staff will help you with your work and there is also the added benefit of learning from the upper years and also the boys in the house in the same year as you can bring their own insights and interpretations to the table and that can help you with your work too.

All of my teachers will assist me whenever I need a helping hand.  Not only that, but they are all very friendly.  This not only makes lessons interesting but it also makes you want to work hard and not disappoint them.  The teachers at LRGS are by far the best I have experienced.

If you are considering boarding at LRGS I’d say go for a dive!  The water is warm and the people are friendly.  No matter who you are, you can fit in.  That was my initial worry, as I had stayed in the same school most of my developing life and formed a large group of friends around me, but even if you’re quiet and shy then you can develop in a more rapid way here.  I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody.

Pupils are well focussed and take every opportunity to develop skills and prepare for their futures