Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

Our aim at LRGS is to provide a first-class academic education with an emphasis on all-round development, so that all our pupils are well prepared for the wider world beyond school. As well as the excellent academic opportunities, we also provide an immense range of extended activities to develop each individual.

Government funding provides the school with the resources for day-to-day teaching and learning but it does not contribute towards the wide range of extra-curricular activities that makes LRGS so special.  Unfortunately, we are not able to subsidise the extra activities and we are asking parents to help us so that we can continue to provide the rich and diverse experiences that are a hallmark of an LRGS education.

We are able to offer help with uniform costs, home to school travel and school trips through the generosity of former pupils.  In these difficult times I am reinforcing my appeal to parents to join me in donating to the Annual Fund to help fund the numerous opportunities for development outside-of-the-classroom. I hope that we can come together as a community to support each other so that every single pupil has the same opportunity.

“There’s such a wide range of activities to get involved with here, it’s safe to say there is something for everyone!  We need to make sure they remain available.  It’s what makes the school so special.” (Upper Sixth student)

How you can help

We need to raise at least £120 per pupil each year or £10 a month – the equivalent of £2.50 a week.

I am asking every single parent who possibly can to consider making a donation to the Annual Fund at whatever giving level you feel is comfortable for you. Each gift gives all pupils the opportunity to excel, dream, create, explore, and lead.

The majority of parents make a regular donation through direct debit. This is the most efficient way to donate. It spreads the cost of your donation over the years and allows the school a regular income stream. However, I appreciate that, for some parents, this may not be your preferred way to donate to the school, in which case please contact the Development Office staff for alternative methods.

If you are a UK tax payer, please complete the Gift Aid declaration form to allow us to collect an extra 25% from the government at no cost to you.

Please either post your completed direct debit form to Jenny Cornell, Development Office, Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Freepost (LA1295) East Road, Lancaster LA1 3BR, or scan and email it to

Dr C J Pyle

"The Annual Fund helps LRGS pupils to broaden their aspirations, skills and range of interests beyond the
classroom. It helps them to develop physically, socially and emotionally so that they can grow in self-confidence and maturity. 

Every donation makes a difference, particularly now when so many families are being affected by the difficulties of the current situation."

Dr Nina Parekh, LRGS Parent and Safeguarding Governor