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Grammar School

OL Club

The Old Lancastrian Club aims to promote the advancement of education at Lancaster Royal Grammar School. In addition, the Club helps Old Lancastrians to contact each other, maintain or renew friendships and keep in touch with the School.

In this section, you will find information on the individual branches of the Old Lancastrian Club, any news and upcoming events.

The OL Club has a comprehensive collection of photographs on its Flickr account which we welcome you to browse.

OL Club Membership

The Old Lancastrian Club is open to any former pupil of the school - all new members receive an OL tie or scarf and the latest OL Newsletter. The £15 annual subs will entitle you to an annual newsletter as well as invitations and news of the latest OL events.

The membership form is attached below, if you would like to join please complete the form and return it to the Development Office at: Development Office, LRGS, East Road, LA1 3EF.


The Old Lancastrian Club exists for the advancement of education at LRGS. Over many years the Club has contributed to the wider development of education at the school by giving grants to societies and individuals. In the last two years for example the Club has supported the cricket tour to Barbados, the Exploration Society and the Duke of Edinburgh group. In addition many pupils have received grants from the Sixth Form Travel Award.

These are just some of the ways in which the Club continues to enrich the life of the school. However they come at a cost and when the committee started to consider the subscription, we realised that no one could remember the last increase!

The annual subscription fee is currently £15.  We would be most grateful if you could make any necessary change to your standing order and email to let us know that you have made the change. Alternatively, please cancel your current standing order and complete the attached form for us to set up a new standing order with your bank.


Chairman: Martin Alexander (1968-1973)
President: Alan Snowball (1961-1969)
Vice-President: Phillip Sycamore (1962-1967)
Acting Secretary: Paul Andrew (1969-1976)
Treasurer: Simon Corless (1978-1983)

Committee Members

Paul Andrew (1969-1973)

Craig Atkinson (Staff) 

Steve Aughton (1983-1990)

Richard Brigg (1985-1992)

Rod Burgess (1966-1972)

Stephen Clarke (1966-1973)

Jeremy Duerden (1968-1975)

Don Gardner (1946-1951)

Simon Hilton (1977-1984)

Mark Robinson (1968-1973)

Duncan Stackhouse (1978-1985)

Ian Weir (1961-1967)


Co-opted Committee Members

Paul Bradburn (1958 - 1965)

Peter Dyer (1968 - 1975)

Robin Jackson (1965 - 1972)


Headmaster: Dr Chris Pyle

Development Staff:

Jenny Cornell Tel: 01524 580608

Lorna Lightfoot Tel: 01524 580612