Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Sixth Form Leavers

Gabriel left LRGS to study at the University of Oxford, reading Modern Foreign Languages.

Reflecting on his time at LRGS, Gabriel said: "Sixth Form at LRGS was such an important experience as it taught me about independence. The opportunity to choose between university courses and subjects and the chance to lead extra-curricular programmes proved important for learning about acting independently and the responsibility that comes with it. Ultimately I felt that everyone was allowed to make their own decisions and enjoy school at their own pace."

"LRGS Sixth Form also offered plenty of support and advice throughout the university application process and I definitely felt that I was well prepared as UCAS deadlines approached as we had all received instructions months in advance. The support I received was suited to me personally as several members of staff offered their own advice on how to get the most out of a personal statement, which universities to apply for and the courses themselves. The school even arranged for representatives from universities up and down the country to meet with students and offer advice. Open days were also advertised and encouraged with days away from school in order to visit university campuses."

"LRGS Sixth Form allowed me to explore academically and socially and I hope to be able to continue this at university and beyond. I have chosen to study French and Russian at university largely because of my experiences with language learning at LRGS. Sixth Form taught me that it is ok not to know exactly what you want to do in the future and your mind should be open to different possibilities and at this stage I am excited for my time at university and will continue to develop my hopes and ambitions for the future there."

Joseph, former Head of School left LRGS  to study Linguistics at the University of Cambridge.

Joseph embraced all that LRGS has to offer thoroughout his time here and said: "Life in the LRGS Sixth Form is fantastic. Working towards my A-levels, the good relationships that I developed with my teachers combined with the smaller class sizes and excellent teaching allowed me to achieve my best. Like everyone else, I was pushed to get the highest grades I could. Beyond my A-levels, I always found that the Sixth Form had a friendly and lively atmosphere. There was always something going on; my lunchtimes were never quiet! I was lucky enough to be involved in prefecting, debating, student societies, charity events and much more besides. This is was I liked so much about LRGS Sixth Form: I wasn't there just to do well in my A-levels, but to enjoy my time and gain."


Alex left LRGS and joined Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Alex said: "The two big things I enjoyed at LRGS were the access to opportunities including careers events and competitions as well as sporting and extra-curricular activities. The other was the people and the relationships you build with people from school. Teachers were extremely supportive and offered as much help as possible."

"My ambition is initially to qualify as a chartered accountant and continue to learn and improve my network and skills. In the longer term I want to continue to learn and gain as many experiences as possible and make the most of all opportunities I can."


Chris is a former pupil who has recently graduated from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford with a degree in Modern Foreign Languages.

Chris said that his life at LRGS set him up in good stead for the academic rigour of Oxford: "The thing I enjoyed most about the LRGS Sixth Form was being challenged academically and learning in such a supportive environment. I benefitted most from dialogue, discussion and debate in lessons – there was no hiding at the back of the class."

"LRGS offered a great deal of guidance and support in applying to leading universities, from introductory presentations for parents to tailored support with applications. As a first-generation university applicant, I was encouraged to apply for an access residential at Cambridge, which really helped convince me to apply and changed some of my (mis)conceptions about Oxbridge."

"I try and keep in touch with the school because I remember what a difference it made to me having contact with former pupils and being able to ask them about applying to Oxbridge. It made it seem like something I could achieve as well."