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11+ Applications

Information to apply for entry in September 2018 is coming soon.

Entrance tests

To obtain sample papers, please contact GL Assessment.  

11+ entrance tests take place at LRGS on 30 September 2017 for 2018 entry. There are three tests: Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English. The results of the 11+ entrance tests are sent to arrive with parents in early October.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Governors welcome applications to the school from the parents of boys who will be age 11 years on entry.  Applications will also be accepted and considered for admission to Year 7 from parents of boys age under 11 years on 31 August in the year of transfer. However, the Governors will require evidence of exceptional academic ability, together with adequate social and physical development to enable such boys to benefit from accelerated entry.

Priority is given to the sons of parents living within the boundaries of the Administrative City of Lancaster and all those from this area who reach the qualifying standards are offered places. The remaining dayboy places (out of 150 total) are then allocated to qualifiers from outside this area: where there are more qualifiers than residual places a further selection is needed.

See Catchment area map for more details about the residual area.

Travel and transport

Transport information is currently being updated and will be added shortly. There are also directions by car on the Contact page of the website.  Please get in touch if you require further information.

Contact the Admissions Officer

Mrs E Simmill
Admissions Officer
Lancaster Royal Grammar School
East Road
Tel: 01524 580629
Fax: 01524 847947

12+ 13+ 14+ applicants

For those wishing to join the school at Year 8, 9 or 10, day or boarding, there is an entrance exam in January. Please contact the Admissions Officer for more information.

Boarding applicants

We are a state boarding school, with most boarders joining the school at 11+. Boarding applicants should fill in the same application form and ideally, attend the entrance test in September.  However, there is an another opportunity for boarders to be examined in February, if they are late entrants.  Please see our boarding pages for further information.

Overseas applicants

All overseas applicants must hold a current British or EU passport or have right of residency in the UK. 

Overseas entrants must have a UK-based guardian, usually a relative or friend of the family. There are also guardianship agencies, one of which has a local representative: White House Guardianships, tel: 0044 – 1202 521 100.

Pupils should be fluent in English as the school has no facilities for teaching English as a second language.

If you plan to visit us, you will find full details of a range of accommodation on the Tourist Office’s website. There is a direct, hourly train service from Manchester Airport to Lancaster Station. Further directions to the school are available here.