Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Sixth Form - Pastoral Care

The quality of care and guidance is outstanding


Should you experience any difficulties, your first port of call is your Form Teacher. He/she is there to give you all the paperwork and information you need as well as registering you in the morning. However, they are also there to help you with worries and doubts you may have. They have been teachers for a long time some of them and they have abundant experience of the tribulations of Sixth Form life. The Head of Sixth Form is another person you can rely on. If you are a boarder, Housemasters are there for you. The Pastoral Deputy Head is there for just that - pastoral care. And the other staff will always help.

We have a school counsellor and some Independent Listeners who are there to help. Medical Centre personnel are available for all your medical needs at all times.

We have an email and a text based system to give anonymous information about bullying – should you ever need it. All these messages are treated with strictest confidence.

There is a lot in place to support you if need it but, hopefully, you never will.