Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

School Ties & Awards

Main School Awards (Ties) 

The Junior tie awards at LRGS are designed to reward students in Year 8+ in a variety of activities. All ties reward effort, commitment and dedication. They also reward students who go above and beyond, representing the school in the wider community.  

All Junior ties are awarded no earlier than Year 8, although evidence from Year 7 can be used to gain the ties.  

All existing and proposed ties should be achieved by evidencing the following criteria:  

Effort, commitment and dedication 

This is best evidenced by: 

  • Excellent attendance and punctuality at rehearsals, training sessions, etc 

  • Continued attendance with all required materials/kit needed 

  • An excellent attitude and commitment to the activity over a season/school year 

Participation and Engagement Beyond the Classroom 

This might include, but is not restricted to: 

  • Representing the school in a sports fixture as part of a team or as an individual 

  • Taking part in a school event, such as the Carol Services, Concerts or Founders Day, Art Exhibition, Drama Production, etc 

By wearing this tie, students are also committing to the LRGS activity for which it has been awarded and must not continue to wear this tie if they decide to drop out of this activity at a future date.

On receiving the award, pupils will be given a signed sheet by their coach/ensemble leader/head of sport, etc. which they can take to the School Shop to purchase the tie.

Members of staff responsible for each of the current ties: 


Mr Loney 


Mr Rosbottom


Mrs Martin


Section leader 


Mr Daykin 


Mr Chadwick 


Mr Yates 


Mr Chadwick/Mr Loney 


Mr Shorrock 


Mr Matthew 


Mr Talks 


Mrs Martin/ Mrs Owens. Mr Bagnold/Miss Mitchell 

Please note that these are ties which are awarded by staff.  They are not club ties which any boy can be eligible to wear.