Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Boarding - Year 10, 11 & Sixth Form

Ashton House

The general ethos of Ashton is for pupils to be given as many opportunities to achieve to their academic potential, whilst also experiencing as many other facets of school life as possible. Whilst an element of routine and structure is a necessity in community living Ashton House retains a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Ashton House has around 50 boarders at any time, aged between 14 and 18. Situated on the Bay View site, it consists of two buildings; Ashton House and Ashton Annexe with the latter housing some of the Sixth Form boarders. Both buildings have a range of bedrooms, amenities, recreation rooms with pool tables, TVs and pianos and a kitchen for the use of the boys. Whichever building boys are in they are fully involved in the House community. 

A rolling programme of refurbishment and development ensures that the excellent appearance is maintained 


When pupils join Ashton in Year 10 they are located in the main house under the Housemaster’s supervision. There is a gradual increase in independence as the pupils get older.  The smaller community in the Annexe provides a good working environment and is supervised by the resident Assistant Housemaster.  In Years 10 and 11 boys share rooms with the majority being in twin rooms.  In the Sixth Form all boys are given a single study room.

There is a very homely atmosphere in the Sixth Form Boarding House

(Boarding parent)

School House

The new School House opened its doors at the beginning September 2008 and is now occupied by over 70 senior boys and 16 Sixth Form girls who are enjoying state-of-the-art boarding accommodation.  We believe our boarding facilities must now match the best in the country.

The newly refurbished School House is outstanding


School House has both double and single en-suite rooms.  Year 10 and 11 boys all share a room whilst the Sixth Form boarders all have single rooms.  School House Annexe is home to our Sixth Form girls and also provides single room accommodation and is supervised by the resident Assistant Housemistress. 

Both School House and School House Annexe have large welcoming kitchens where matron bases herself and where pupils can make drinks or cook.  In addition the Houses have two spacious recreation rooms with large screen TVs, pool and table football. 

Pupils can let off steam in the playgrounds outside or enjoy the quiet grassed courtyard of School House and the garden of the School House Annexe.

The supervision of boarders is good.  An exceptional quality of service is provided


We are proud of the building’s ‘eco’ credentials, as seen in the solar panels which heat the power showers, ground source heat pumps which provide under-floor heating, a tree-planting programme for 100 new trees and a chicken coop, whose residents provide fresh eggs daily for breakfast. 

The school produces extremely well balanced young men

(Boarding parent)