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Sixth Form Bursaries

What are student bursaries?

Student bursary money is available to help with any expenditure at all that is incurred as a sixth form member of LRGS. This could inculde travel to school each day, a new suit or laptop, a school trip or travel to go on university open days. It can provide substantial sums to help boys from a household with an income less than £20,000pa, and significant help for those with up to twice that. Those on the FSM list qualify automatically without the need to show any paperwork.

Who is eligible?

1.   £1200pa for any boys in care or care leavers, or for any boys in receipt of income support, or who are disabled receiving Employment Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance (priority one).

2.   Also up to £800pa reimbursement of school-related expenses for those on the free school meals register (priority two). 

3.   Also some support (last year up to £400) reimbursing school-related expenses for those who have demonstrated need – ie low household income (usually less than  £20,000) as demonstrated by tax records to 5th April 2018 (priority three).

What can the bursaries be used for?

Eligible expenses include equipment, travel, books, school trips, school clothing, attending interviews etc during the current academic year.

How do I apply for a bursary?

Apply in the first instance by letter or email to Mrs Haywood, the Sixth Form Administrator ([email protected]) stating clearly which of the three priority categories you believe yourself to be in and giving evidence (normally a photocopy or scan of the Inland Revenue’s summary of your household income) by September 21st 2018.  Later applications can usually be considered, as long as there is money left. 

The school will confirm successful applications. Payments will be made in response to evidence of eligible expenses presented to Mrs Haywood. Payments will be made provided the applicant has maintained an attendance rate of 95% and remained within the spirit of the sixth form contract.

Sixth former students are expected to take the initiative in driving forward the processes by which they expect to profit:

   Ffind out what work you have to do and get it done to schedule

   Ensure a good attendance record

   Communicate efficiently and courteously

   Support the school’s ethos, specifically on appearance and extra-curricular activities

   Staff will prompt you, guide you and answer your questions, but should not have to nag or chase you.

Travel Awards

The OL Society makes some money available to support the boys’ own educational trips planned for the summer holidays. Application forms are available by school email from the Sixth Form Administrator ([email protected]) and are considered by the Head of Sixth Form and the OL committee, that normally interviews applicants, at the end of January each year.  

Other sources of financial assistance