Teaching staff

Below is a list of teaching staff at LRGS.

Senior Leadership

Dr C J Pyle, Headmaster
Mr I Whitehouse, Second Master: Boarding and Pastoral
Mr M Chambers, Third Master: Director of Studies
Miss S Haigh, Assistant Head: Sixth Form
Mr J Hallsworth, Assistant Head: Teaching and Learning
Dr D Rowe, Assistant Head: Information and Systems
Mr I Ralston, Head of Year 10 & 11
Mr S Young, Head of Year 8 & 9
Mrs K Page, Head of Transition and Year 7; InspirUS Coordinator
Mr R Gittins, Operations and HR Manager, Clerk to the Governors
Mr R Thomas, Director of Finance and Support Services

Boarding Housemasters

Mr D King, Storey House
Mr J Millatt, School House
Mr C Atkinson, Ashton House
Mr J Viney, Frankland House

Teachers & learning support staff

Mr B Armstrong, Cover Teacher, Games
Mr D Ashbridge, English
Mrs C Ashby, Art Teacher
Mr M Ashby, Cover Teacher, Games
Mr C Atkinson, History
Mr C Bagnold, Head of Art
Miss A Ball, Classics
Mr I Balshaw, Head of Biology
Mr S Bell, Head of Physics
Mr S Blackwell, Maths
Mrs S Boak, German
Ms R Boatswain,  Learning Support 
Mr B Briody, Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
Mr A Burns, Maths
Mr B Calvert, Maths and GCSE Exams Officer
Mr H Castle, Head of History
Mr M Chambers, Mathematics
Mr S A Clarke, Head of PE and i/c organised games
Mrs S Coldwell, Business/Economics
Mr P Crooks, Learning Support
Mrs S Edmondson, Music
Dr C Ellwood, Physics
Mr M English, Physics
Miss J Ennis, Learning Support
Miss C France, Art
Mr R Furlong-Brown, Maths

Mrs R Gibson, English

Mrs M Glover, InspirUS and Learning Support
Mr S Gorse, Modern Foreign Languages
Miss S Haigh, Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A Hall, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Hall. Graduate Sports Coach
Mr J Hallsworth, Art

Mr G Hamilton, Head of Computing
Mrs D Hargreaves, Biology
Mr S Hirst, English
Mrs E Hodkinson, Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
Mrs G Introna, Second in Maths
Mr O Jacques, Graduate Sports Coach
Ms M Jenkinson, SENCO
Ms S Jones, Learning Support
Mr D King, Chemistry
Mrs S Kitching, Learning Mentor
Mrs E Lamb, Director of Music
Mr S Langhorn, Head of Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
Mr I Ledward, Geography, i/c cricket
Mr R Lemon, Head of Design & Technology
Mrs L Lightbody, Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Love, Learning Support, DofE Coordinator
Mrs J Love, Geography
Mrs J Mann, Learning Support, International Links Coordinator
Mrs J Marshall, Modern Foreign Languages, Head of Spanish
Mr G Mason, P E 
Mr T Matthew, Chemistry
Mr R Mellon, Head of Maths
Mr J Millatt, Biology
Miss S Mitchell, Head of English
Mrs C Mossop, Head of Food Technology, i/c International Projects
Mr A Nicholson, Classics
Mr D Novell, Second in English

Mrs S Owens, Head of Drama & Theatre Studies
Mrs K Page, Geography, InspirUS
Ms P Penaroccha, Modern Foreign Languages
Miss R Pettit, Head of Classics
Dr C Pyle, Geography
Mr N Rafferty, English
Mr J Reynolds, History, Deputy Head of Sixth Form
Mr D Rouse, Design and Technology
Mrs C Rushton, Chemistry

Mr M Ryan, Head of Chemistry
Mr J Sadler, Graduate Sports Coach
Mr D Saul, Head of Design and Technology
Dr A Shawcross, Physics
Mr E Stewart, Business Studies, i/c Rugby
Mr A Talks, Head of Geography
Mr J Viney, Mathematics,
Ms C Walker, Biology
Mrs C Whittle, Mathematics
Mr R Wareing, Head of Economics and Business Management
Mr I Whitehouse, Geography
Mr A Wilkinson, Biology, Boarding Activities Coordinator
Mr D Yates, Chemistry, SISRA coordinator
Mr S Young, Modern Foreign Languages