Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Parents' FAQs

General queries – dates, absences, contacting staff

Where can I find this year’s term and holiday dates?
Check the home logo on the home page of the website and also on the Parents’ page of the website.

I have moved house. Who should I send my new address to?
Email us via the Contact page on the website and we will update the school records.

How should I report my son’s absence if he is unwell?
Submit an absence report here or phone 01524 580600 by 10am on the first day of absence and send a note on their return.  If absent for more than three days, another call with update would be appreciated.

Your son should not return to school for 48 hours after any episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. The medical centre is able to house a small number of boarders but in order to limit the possibility of spreading any infectious disease we ask that those boarders who are able to go home to recover. 

Where can I find letters to parents?
All letters to parents are posted on the website

How do I email one of my son’s teachers?
See the list of teaching staff. Email addresses are made up of the teacher’s first initial followed by surname (all lower case, no dots or gaps); then add

How do I contact the teachers by phone?
Ring the school office on 01524 580600 during morning break (11.20-11.40am), lunchtime (1.05-2pm) or after 3.30pm, and we will do our best to put you through. Please bear in mind that at all other times, they are likely to be teaching. 

What are school office hours? Is it open in the holidays?
The main School Reception (tel: 01524 580600) at City View is open from 8am to 2pm (Monday to Friday) during term time. 

During term time, Lee House is open 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am - 3.30pm on Friday. Wyresdale House is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm (Monday to Thursday) and 8.30am to 4pm on Friday.

How do I find out what my son is buying to eat in the dining hall?
You can see a full list of what food your son is buying at school by logging on to Wisepay, our online payment system.

Where can I find out what food is offered in the dining hall and what it costs?
We have posted some sample menus on the Parents’ home page which show typical menus for breakfast, morning break, lunch and dinner, along with prices.

I want more guidance on my child’s progress.  What should I do?
Please contact the relevant Head of Year, or his form teacher - they would all be happy to talk to you – see teaching staff. Also don’t forget that current grades can be found on the e-portal, via your secure login.

My son has lost several items.  How do we get them back?
Lost property is located in Lee House and is open at 1.15pm to 1.45pm on Tuesday and Friday.

Where can I buy 11+ papers?  What are the correct ones?
Please check the Admissions area or contact the Admissions Officer for further advice.

Where can I find a copy of my son’s timetable?
Log on the e-portal via your secure login and a copy of his current timetable will there, along with current grades.


My son has injured himself.  Who should I contact if he can’t do sport?
Please inform your son’s form teacher and the Head of PE - see teaching staff - or use the general school email.

How do I get to the ‘Memo fields’?
The Memorial Fields (for rugby matches) are located five minutes from the school, next to Christchurch Primary School, Derwent Road, Lancaster LA1 3ES - school map. Please note parking is not possible at Christ Church Primary School; there is on-street parking available nearby.


How can I find the timetable for my son’s end of term exams?
All pupils are given copies of their exam timetables but in addition, we shall post copies on the Parents’ area of the website.

I need advice about re-sits and re-marks for external exams.  Who should I ask?
Please contact the school’s Examinations Officer.

My son has left school – can you send him his A-level and GCSE exam certificates?
A-level and GCSE certificates are not posted out by the school; we prefer it if they can be collected by pupils or parents.  However, if you bring £3 to Lee House, they will be posted recorded delivery. To request this please email the School

Who should I contact if my son can’t attend results day?
GCSE and A-level results are published online on results day and can be accessed via the students' eportal account.

A relative can come to school on results day to collect them, if they have a letter of authorisation. Alternatively bring an SAE to Lee House and they will be posted to your son at the end of results day.