Lancaster Royal
Grammar School


With all sport comes the chance of injury. Many boys will go through their whole time at school without injury. We do however take all injuries seriously and look to ensure the wellbeing of every boy. With this in mind we following the RFU "4 Rs" principle when it comes to head injuries and concussion. These are Recognise, Remove, Recover, Return. Head injuries are rare but we like all our boys to have full knowledge of what they should do if they or a friend are showing any signs of injury. The attached documents are tools to be used by both boys and parents. Remember: If in Doubt - Sit them Out. The boys also have a copy of the SCAT 3 Concussion Recognition Tool in the planners.  

For a copy of the RFU Injuries Report, giving statistics on how an injury is caused, which part of the body it is most likely to happen to and the severity of the injury, please see the attached PDF.