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Sixth Form Application Form

• Pupils already attending LRGS do not need to complete this application form.

• I wish to apply for a Sixth Form place at Lancaster Royal Grammar School for September 2024.

Day applications are welcomed from both girls and boys. There is no catchment area for the Sixth Form but we expect day applicants to live within a reasonable daily travel distance of the school.
We offer boarding places for boys and girls.

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• The entry requirement for Year 12 (Lower Sixth) is at least six Grade 6s or better in the GCSE examinations, including a minimum of grade 6 in any subject to be taken to A-level. Grade 7 is required for A-level Mathematics and Grade 8 for Further Mathematics. Further Mathematics is only offered as a fourth A-level. All applicants require a minimum of Grade 5 in Mathematics and English Language.

We have 60 places for external day pupils from other schools, and 24 boarding places. Day places will be offered in rank order on the basis of applicants’ best eight predicted GCSE grades. We will ask you to confirm your academic information on receipt of your application.

• Priority is given to looked after or previously looked after children, and to applicants who receive the Pupil Premium. We offer some financial assistance through Sixth Form Bursaries. If you claim free school meals and Pupil Premium you may be entitled to apply for a bursary.

Boarding places are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Are you a looked after child or previously looked after child? (Tick box if yes)
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