Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

The Senior Prefect Team for 2024 Welcome You to LRGS

Head of School Tom is leading the Senior Prefect Team for 2024 with four Deputy Heads: Alice, James, Imogen and Rory.

On taking up his new role, Tom said said: “It is an honour for me to offer a very warm welcome to all of the new students coming to Lancaster Royal Grammar School this September. Change can be a scary thing regardless of who you are. That’s why the community of staff and students at LRGS are here to support and guide you as you embark on this new and exciting chapter of your life as part of the LRGS community. The last 6 years have certainly been an exciting chapter in my life. LRGS has given me countless experiences and opportunities from Rowing on an Olympic Lake to spending a week in Germany with my friends. These experiences have allowed me to become the best version of myself. The incredible selection of extracurricular activities, sports, school trips and academic opportunities include Rugby, Rowing, CCF, Debating, Medical Society to name just a few. This snapshot shows that everyone has their place at LRGS, regardless of their background and interests. These amazing opportunities and the support from the amazing staff team, create the foundations for pupils to achieve great things and feel at home doing so. As the Head of School for 2024-25, I want to enable students throughout the school to unlock their full potential. Whether that be in academia, sport or in extracurricular activities, everyone has their place at LRGS and my goal is to help them find it. I also want to encourage students to look outside the box at what they could achieve in the future and make sure LRGS is the place where that all starts.  It is a true privilege to be able to work with Rory, James, Alice, Imogen and the whole prefect team this year. Together, I believe that we can create the foundations for all the pupils, new or old, to make the most of the opportunities LRGS provides and enable them to build the foundations of their futures."

Deputy Head with responsibility for Pupil Voice, Imogen said:

"As I reflect on the time I have spent at LRGS, I cannot help but think about the brilliant journey I have embarked on. From feeling nervous and unsure of what to expect on my first day; worrying about finding my feet; new friends and my way in a new environment, to the present moment in time when I have found my feet. I have met new and wonderful people and I can successfully get from room to room without any guidance. LRGS, to me, is a warm and friendly community. I have truly felt supported each step of the way since September. In addition to experiencing the vast amount of support available at LRGS, I have also been able to experience new and exciting opportunities: from netball trips; the exciting prospect of going to Sri Lanka next February as part of the netball and cricket tour; to listening to talks and taking part in debates at Medical society as well as being involved in the mentoring programme for younger students. I am proud to take on Deputy Head of School for Student Voice, a new role on the Head of School team. Every student has the opportunity to project their opinions and views. My role involves ensuring this representation maintains its importance. Communicating between the many groups of student voice throughout the school, like the termly Sixth Form Council and the Seward Committee, as well as providing a vital link between the students and senior staff of the school. A key element of my role also involves the continued inclusion of all members of the LRGS community. This includes receiving and passing on feedback from our important student welfare organisations, like the Green Team, Women’s Forum, Pride Club and Anti-Discrimination Society. I look forward to working alongside the Head of School team and every pupil at Lancaster Royal Grammar School. As I aim to ensure that every pupil feels heard."

Deputy Head with responsibility for Operations, Alice said: 

"I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to give back to the school that has given me so much in such a short space of time. Despite only joining in September, LRGS's welcoming atmosphere has made me feel like a member of the school from the very start. I feel that LRGS has helped me to improve massively academically, and I feel my confidence has improved greatly after getting involved in everything LRGS has to offer. I quickly settled in, and the range of opportunities that LRGS offers only made that easier. From History Society to rugby, debating to engineering society, there is something for everyone at LRGS. I hope that as part of the new senior prefect team I can only help to improve this.I want to ensure that LRGS remains inclusive to all pupils, and hope to maintain and improve the compassionate, caring and welcoming nature of the school. As Deputy Head of Operations, I will endeavour to ensure the smooth day to day running of the grab and go and the dining hall, as well as raise any health and safety concerns with staff to ensure that the school remains safe and to make sure that the school continues to provide a welcoming and happy atmosphere for all students. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and I am really looking forward to working with Tom, Imogen, James and Rory, and I hope that we can only improve on the brilliant work done by previous head of school Ishmael and his team."

Deputy Head with responsibility for Welfare, James said:

''Throughout my time at LRGS, I have been given a multitude of opportunities and have been able to explore a variety of avenues, whether that be through sport, leisure, or wellbeing. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to give back to my school and make meaningful changes.''

''As the Deputy Head of Welfare, I am striving to ensure that LRGS remains an inclusive and genial place, as well as ensuring the wellbeing of the students is as healthy as possible. The wellbeing of students is central to having a positive educational experience, which is why one of the principal purposes of LRGS is ensuring that the needs of students are met, both academically and pastorally. Wellbeing is a combination of a person's physical, mental and emotional factors and is crucial in determining the happiness of a person and in determining their success academically. Therefore, this year I aim to build on the excellent work of my predecessors, as well as carrying out further reform, in order to keep LRGS a happy place for all to attend.''

''I intend to strengthen the communication between staff and pupils and work closely with form groups to help cultivate a positive atmosphere. Additionally, I plan to implement a new welfare 'drop-in' to make the 6th Form Senior Prefect team more present and approachable, whilst helping to improve the wellbeing of others. I intend to meet the high standards of  LRGS, working with pupils to further oversee the development of student welfare at this school.''

''I will work with students, prefects, and teachers alongside the Senior Prefect team: Tom, Rory, Imogen and Alice, in order to fulfil my role. I am looking forward to getting started!''

Deputy Head of Charities and Events, Rory said: 

"It is such a privilege to serve LRGS, alongside Tom, Alice, Imogen, and James, as the Deputy Head of Charities and Events. The school’s most cherished asset is its pupils, and honouring the work of those before us, we will continue to enhance the experience and support for students from Year 7 to 13. I look forward to assisting the headmaster, my fellow Heads of School, and the staff, as we strive to equip the students of LRGS with skills, relationships and memories that will last beyond their time here. My 6 years at LRGS have filled me with confidence, providing me with lasting academic and social skills that will prove invaluable in the future. Alongside unparalleled academic provision, the school emphasises the development of pupils through extracurricular activity, and this has been a great benefit to me. It has been an honour to represent the school in rugby and athletics since Year 7, where I have found friends to last a lifetime, and assumed responsibilities key to personal development. The sporting opportunity at LRGS is unique, with a variety of options and levels of competition accessible to all. A thriving aspect of school, it instils values such as respect, graciousness, and competitiveness into students at all ages. LRGS has pushed me to follow my passions, and provided me with the autonomy to determine how I spend my time outside of lessons. The provision of super-curricular activities such as international debates in Parallel Histories, and the History Society, grants students the ability to articulate their opinions on topical subjects and apply their academic knowledge to real world situations. In a school of such diversity of opportunity, I have found immense pleasure in exploring my interests, and seeing my peers thrive in the same way. All the departments in school consistently operate at the highest of standards, at levels rarely accessed by state schools, and this is a credit to the staff and pupils alike. As Head of Charities and Events, I hope that pupils will embody the school motto ‘Praesis ut Prosis,’ in serving others joyfully and selflessly, in all aspects of school life. The Lenten charities period is a key aspect of life at LRGS, as students and teachers unite to carry out noble and innovative money raising ideas, to support a range of charities selected by the students. Even though such activity is emphasised in the Lent term, I encourage you to get stuck into all aspects of school life, challenging yourself and others to grow, as we work to realise our full potential. The wide range of performances, gatherings, and traditional ceremonies throughout the year bring the school community together, as we celebrate both individual and collective success, and it is important that students recognise the joy and fulfilment that they bring to people’s lives. I am so excited to see you all in school, and encourage you to come and say hello, as it is my privilege to be someone who all students know as a friend."


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