Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

The Senior Prefect Team for 2023 Welcome You to LRGS

Head of School Ishmael is leading the Senior Prefect Team for 2023 with three Deputy Heads: Joe, Marnie and Matt.

On taking up his new role, Ishmael said: “I’d like to offer a warm welcome to all the new students coming to Lancaster Royal Grammar School this year. Joining a new school can be daunting, but students and staff alike work hard to ensure that our school is an inclusive, welcoming environment for all newcomers, regardless of their backgrounds."

"Having been here for six years, I can safely say that LRGS gave me all the opportunities I needed to reach my fullest potential. We have a large array of extracurricular clubs and societies for anyone to join, ranging from rugby, to debating, to chess. Coupled with an incredible staff team who work hard to ensure the students’ wellbeing, and a rich variety of academic opportunities, LRGS is a school where all pupils can be sure to thrive."

"As the new Head of School, I plan to be both a positive role model for students in lower years, and someone who they feel able to look to for advice and guidance in their school life. I’m eager to begin my new role, making sure that LRGS stays a compassionate, inclusive school."

Deputy Head with responsibility for Operations, Marnie said: 

"The LRGS community is second to none, with a strong sense of camaraderie and togetherness being the life and soul of the school. Although having only joined in September, I immediately became aware of the friendship opportunities and through the help of this supportive network, I quickly settled in. There are a wide variety of opportunities to get involved, stretching all the way from Equality, Diversity and Inclusion groups such as the Anti-Discrimination team and the Pride group, to sporting and musical clubs and events."

"I am delighted to have been given this opportunity to give back to my school. I want to ensure all pupils feel that they are treated equally and are safe within the school environment, and following in the footsteps of the previous Head of School, Oliver and his team, in striving for meaningful changes in school to ensure it makes its transition to net-zero."

"As the Deputy Head of Operations, I hope that through chairing the brand new Sixth Form Council, I can create an open and welcoming platform where staff and Sixth Form students can raise any concerns or suggestions and feel listened to. I want to be approachable, as a link between students and staff. Furthermore, I will endeavour to ensure the library, dining hall, lost property and Grab and Go run smoothly and efficiently and that any concerns about health and safety or facilities are immediately brought to the attention of staff to make school as safe and comfortable as possible. I am very grateful for this new and exciting opportunity in my life and I cannot wait to work alongside Ishmael, Matt and Joe."

Deputy Head with responsibility for Welfare, Matt said:

"Throughout the past six years I have spent at LRGS, I have been presented with more opportunities than I could have possibly imagined. This school incomparably achieves above and beyond; whether that be through academia, sport, leisure, or wellbeing – which is evidently of great interest to me. LRGS has consistently ensured that every student that attends, has attended, and will attend is given a strong foundation for life in, and beyond school."

"As the Deputy Head of Welfare, I am striving to maintain one of LRGS’ best qualities: its diversity and inclusion, as well as further develop the wellbeing of both students and teachers alike. Student wellbeing is the primary factor to a healthy education which is why LRGS ensures that pupils’ needs are equally met academically and pastorally. My goal for this year is to listen to students and continue the work of my predecessors in keeping LRGS a happy place for all to attend."

"Currently, the Sixth Form’s successful push for better student welfare has never been felt more strongly. The previous Heads of Welfare have done an excellent job in establishing and overseeing the student welfare groups – all led by our very own pupils – contributing positively to mental health. I intend to live up to these standards, working with pupils to further oversee the development of student welfare at LRGS."

"I will work with students, prefects, and teachers alongside the Senior Prefect team: Ishmael, Joe, and Marnie in order to fulfil my role; I can’t wait to be a part of this team!"

Deputy Head of Charities and Events, Joe said: 

"It is a great honour to become Deputy Head of Charities and Events at LRGS. Together with Ishmael, Marnie and Matt, I am hugely excited to maintain and expand on the tremendous work of Oliver and the Head of School team last year. I look forward to supporting the Headmaster, the Head of School and the Prefect team, making myself approachable to everyone at the school to help unlock every pupil's enjoyment of school."

"My six years here have been so special thanks to the incredible environment, filled with wonderful opportunities to thrive in the classroom, on the sports field and in the extracurricular activities the school provides. I am immensely honoured to represent LRGS on the rugby and cricket field. Sport is an aspect of the school which thrives at all ages, encouraging younger pupils to work together and have fun at a competitive standard, rarely accessed by state schools, is a credit to the teachers and pupils alike and just one example of the marvellous opportunities LRGS offers. The sense of community, created by the staff and embraced by the pupils, allows everyone to have a voice. With the Sixth Form council beginning this year, we hope to provide another accessible pathway for students to share their worries or ideas, and look forward to bringing these ideas to life."

"As Head of Charities and Events, I hope for students to inspirit the school motto ‘Praesis ut Prosis’, by giving up their own time for the greater good of others. This can be done through leading fundraisers or simply helping someone out who is struggling in the classroom. The Lenten charities period is eagerly anticipated by myself and the Prefect team, with the collective goal of uniting the school community to connect with the chosen charities, inspiring innovative money raising ideas across the school. School events throughout the year are a great chance for students, year groups or the school as a whole to celebrate annual occasions and collective successes which I will make sure are fittingly recognised as I commence my role in the coming months. I look forward to working with Ishmael, Marnie, Matt and every pupil, new or old, who has the privilege to call Lancaster Royal Grammar School their own."

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