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As you leave the school, you are joining a global community of thousands of former pupils. It is a dynamic network, part of the LRGS family, of alumni who are willing to help; offer career advice, work placements, mentorships, jobs or just share life experiences. You can access this network through us at school.
Filling in the form below also enables us to provide you with relevant communications so that you do not miss out on any of the many opportunities, events, alumni year group, university or regional reunions on offer and we can also update you with news of the school, of your teachers and of each other.
In addition, you will have benefitted from the experiences of former students who have come back to provide help, advice and support and we very much hope that this is something you would be willing to do in future years. One day it might be you who comes back as Speech Day speaker to inspire future generations of LRGS pupils!
The details you give us also help us to provide accurate information when we are asked to provide references for you.
Please fill in the blank sections and submit the form as soon as possible.

Please fill in the blank sections and submit the form as soon as possible.


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