Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Interviews with Sixth Form Boarders

Alvin Wong

I would recommend joining LRGS as a boarder’

Alvin came to LRGS in Year 7 and he says: ‘I would recommend joining LRGS as a boarder.  It's a great opportunity as learning how to be independent is important and this is a great transition from home’.

Alvin continues: ‘There are set prep times, this means you do your work when you should so you are always up to date.  There are four different duty masters in the boarding house during the week and they teach within school as well so if you come across something that it is difficult you can ask them questions about it’.

Now in his second year of A-level study Alvin says: ‘A-levels are very different from GCSEs and they’re a big step up academically.  To cope with this change, proper organisation and effective time management is vital.  The teachers here are very helpful and give a lot of constructive advice to support you.  He continues: ‘We are treated as adults, we have responsibilities within the boarding houses and we all keep an eye out for the younger ones’.

Angus Clifford

‘I have developed and matured massively as a boarder’

Angus has been boarding since Year 7 and is now taking A-levels in Maths, Physics and Design Technology with a view to studying Engineering at university.  When asked about boarding Angus says:‘You make mates you'll have for life and I have developed and matured massively as a boarder; it has really given me a lot of independence.  It’s also helped my studying as there is always a good working atmosphere with great support from boarding staff and older boys in the house’.

Now he is in Sixth Form Angus says: ‘We have freedom to choose how we want to work in study periods, we are also treated less as students and more as adults and there are great opportunities to look after and lead the younger boys’.  Angus also enjoys making use of the wide range of sporting facilities available and he’d definitely recommend boarding commenting: ‘it’s a great way to spend your A-level years with a great community around you’.

Cameron Rowbotham

The sense of camaradarie between boys is one of the most important parts of the school’

As a Sixth Form boarder Cameron says: ‘We are not only given the opportunity to partake in new activities but also the chance to take on new responsibilities such as mentoring younger students and coaching in sports lessons.  Not only have these opportunities allowed me to further my independence but they have also given me the chance to build upon other fundamental life skills such as communication and responsibility.’

Hoping to go to university to study Economics and Politics Cameron feels supported in his studies saying: ‘In the boarding house we are given structured study sessions as well as access to teaching staff from multiple disciplines’. 

Cameron enjoys being at LRGS commenting: ‘the sense of camaradarie between boys is in my opinion one of the most important parts of the school.  Whether you’re with boys in your year or those bellow there is always a sense of belonging and acceptance.  I would certainly recommend the Sixth Form to anyone thinking of applying to LRGS.  Whether you’re looking for a place on academic excellence or somewhere to experience new things and enjoy your final years, there is something for everyone’.

Justin Ezeala

'I came here because of the outstanding reputation that the school has’

Previously at school in Nigeria, Justin joined LRGS in Lower Sixth saying: ‘LRGS was highly recommended and I came here because of the outstanding reputation that the school has’.

Justin is studying History, English Literature and Economics and says: ‘Boarding provides a conducive environment for studying and there is always support if ever required which is helping me to prepare for university in the UK’.

Justin is a full boarder commenting: ‘I enjoy the weekend activities such as Paintball, Bowling and Go-carting and it’s great to have the opportunity to socialize and interact with various other in a very friendly environment

To sum up Justin says: ‘I would absolutely recommend boarding at LRGS for its friendly environment and character building qualities, as well as its conducive environment for academic study’.

Karan Oommen

‘I would strongly recommend it as it is great preparation for university

Karan joined LRGS in Year 7 to gain independence and responsibility and he is now studying Maths, Physics Chemistry and intends to go on to study Mechanical Engineering at university and he says: ’As we are now the oldest in the school there is a lot more freedom and a lot more opportunities to take responsibility and to be to be good role models for the school. Karan feels supported in his studies saying: ‘The housemasters and tutors are helpful and there is a mentoring scheme’ he continues: ‘The school has a good teaching discipline and there are opportunities for many other activities other than work such as doing the Duke of Edinburgh Awards or joining the Combined Cadet Force’.

When asked what he’d say to someone considering boarding here in the Sixth Form.  Karan quickly replies, ‘I would strongly recommend it as it is great preparation for university’

Louis Kamijo-Flanagan

I’m developing both my communication and my organisational skills’

Louis came to LRGS in Year 7 as it was his first choice of school and his parents wanted him to develop independence that would help him in future years.  Louis enjoys boarding and cites the strong friendships he has developed throughout the boarding community as being invaluable.

Louis hopes to study Medicine after his A-levels and he thinks that boarding helps his studying saying: ‘Allocated prep times allows your day to be organised and having many subject teachers around to ask questions is also most beneficial’.

Louis also enjoys sport saying: ‘As a boarder It is easier to get involved and represent school for sports as you are always close and available’.

Louis agrees that Sixth Form boarding can offer extra responsibilities.  Louis is head prefect of a boarding house and lead prefect of boarding school tours and says: ‘These roles help to develop both my communication and my organisational skills and will really useful for me in life after LRGS’.

Robin Preston

‘This school has so many activities from which new friends can be made’

Having joined in Year 7 and now in Sixth Form Robin says: ‘I have access to the boarding house for my study periods allowing me to have full use of all my books and my laptop.  In the boarding house there are plenty of students and staff who are happy to help with any work I’m not confident with.  Robin continues: ‘As I grew up through the house I witnessed sixth formers come and go.  Now I’m in their position and I’m taking a leadership role in the boarding house and helping the younger boarders.’

Robin has been very involved in extracurricular activities and says: ‘From the opportunities at LRGS you can gain many skills and achievements, for instance I took part in the gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and I learnt new concepts that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. This school has so many activities from which new friends can be made.  I also have many memories from clubs so I’m pleased I took part in them’.

And Robin’s final comment: 

‘I would certainly recommend boarding and living at school also means I get more free time, as I don’t spend any time travelling’. 

Ruairidh Barker

I’ve made lifelong friends

Asked why he joined LRGS Ruairidh says: ‘I am very driven by sport and wanted to challenge myself. LRGS has the perfect balance of high standard school boy sport and high quality education.  Ruairidh continues: ‘I’d always had my older brother at home and the year I joined was the year he went to university.  My parents thought the idea of boarding was a good one and it didn't daunt me in the slightest; I’m glad I’m a boarder’

Studying Economics, Business and Management and Geography, Ruairidh is working hard and comments: ‘A major advantage of boarding is being given set times to do work.  We always have teachers around, whether they're on duty in our house or another of the boarding houses so if I need help I can often turn to them.

There are also opportunities for extra responsibilities as a Sixth Form boarder, as Ruairidh says: ‘I am enjoying the level of independence we are given, if we act maturely we are treated accordingly

We are given a lot more responsibility in Sixth Form too, often we are asked to look after groups of Year 8 and Year 9; usually taking them to play football etc.  We are also given opportunities in the house to be senior prefects, I am head of Year 10 and it is my job to help look after them.

I have gained a lot of insight in how to deal with various people in my time here, and I’ve made lifelong friends.  Boarding at LRGS is really good, you will always find someone you have a lot in common with and you’ll make genuine friends for life’.