Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Life in Lockdown

Without a doubt, the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic were felt far and wide, from those fighting the virus on the frontline to those staying at home in isolation.

We would like to share some experiences of life during the pandemic / lockdown through the eyes of some of our OLs with you, these range from accounts from the frontline to those becoming inspired and creative due to the extra time spent at home.

There is no doubt that regardless of the variety of circumstances, life in lockdown has meant that, on the whole, we have become much more creative, not only with our time but with our use of technology and resources (or lack of!).

This page is a collection of photos, stories and memories from alumni recording their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic / lockdown.

If, as an OL, you have any photos or stories of your experiences throughout the pandemic that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you.

Below is a taster of what some of our OLs got up to during lockdown....