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Application for In-Year Admission

If parents wish to apply for a day place for their child outside the normal admissions cycle (for example, families who have moved into the catchment area) then please complete this application form.

The information entered on this form will be recorded on the school's computer administration system and will remain confidential. Information has only been requested which will be required by the school for day-to-day administration purposes, or which at some point will be required by the Department for Education as part of National statistics. The school is registered under the Data Protection Act, and you have the right to check, and if necessary, correct the information which is held about you. Please ensure all information is correct before clicking 'submit'. False information may invalidate the application.

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Is the candidate eligible for Pupil Premium?*
Is the candidate eligible for Free School Meals?*
Is the candidate considered a 'looked after' or 'previously looked after' child?
I confirm that I consent for the data submitted to be shared between schools, Local Authorities, the assessment body/test provider and understand that the information provided on this form will be used in compliance with the guide to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).*
By completing this form you are agreeing for us to contact the current primary school for a reference. By submitting this form you agree for us to contact you in regards to processing this application and to notify you of the results. Please check the form carefully before submitting, false information may invalidate the application.*