Lancaster Royal
Grammar School


All communities teach and transmit values. That is the deepest purpose of a school. 

Our ancient motto is one statement of our values. You will lead – do so for the benefit of others. Lead in order to serve: Praesis ut prosis

Who cares wins is a more recent phrase to sum up the values of the school, coined by Shaun Higgins – an influential LRGS teacher who died earlier this year. 

Our introduction of Values lessons this year builds on those foundations as we work to help our pupils thrive. Compassion, gratitude, empathy and resilience are amongst their themes. The whole person is the whole point. 

Some of the lessons are based on topics we have always taught, particularly in the Arts and Humanities. We now have teachers trained to deliver the Penn Resilience Programme, while others are working with Birmingham University’s Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. We also promote the positive values of sport – for example through Year 7’s "LRGS in Union" day – and we plan to bring our reports into line with this new focus. 

Better people make better All Blacks, they say in the New Zealand rugby camp.  We believe that better people make better students.  However, the wider goal is what each of us wants for our children:  a good and flourishing life!