Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Endings and beginnings

“To make an end is to make a beginning,” wrote TS Eliot. 

It has been lovely to host Year 6 transition afternoons recently – the end of primary school approaching, and the beginning of a new adventure! 

Meanwhile the Upper Sixth head on towards their own new beginnings at the end of A-levels. 

Those endings and beginnings go back a very long way indeed at LRGS – one reason why we love to celebrate Founders’ Day each summer. 

I tell the Sixth Form that leaving marks a change in their relationship with the school, rather than an end to that relationship. 

Our former pupil Christopher Urswick was a household name half a millennium ago.  He left a bequest for “the reparation of my school” in 1522, having served as Henry VII’s chaplain and ambassador, and as Master of King’s Hall (now Trinity College) Cambridge.  Shakespeare even gave him a role in Richard III

And the class of 2017:  where will those endings and beginnings take them? 

Watch this space!