Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Testing times!

Huge thanks to our COVID testing team of staff and volunteers. At the start of this term they transformed our Assembly Hall into a lateral flow testing facility – with immense professionalism, from a standing start. 

It is amazing what energy and goodwill can conjure out of thin air! 

The first phase of around 2000 tests for staff, keyworkers’ children and boarders who stayed in school has been completed, and the operation is now scaling up for the next 3600. 

This will allow all our pupils to be tested before they return to lessons, with two further tests in the following days. The school will then move on to the joys of self-testing and registering tests at home. 

Along with the existing measures in place, and the change to masks in classrooms, the school can gain a further measure of reassurance from these tests. 

Testing times indeed. Thank you to the team!