Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Extra Curricular Activities, Clubs and Societies

Lancaster Royal Grammar Schools offers a wealth of clubs and societies' activities, which take place after school or at lunchtimes and, in some cases, at weekends and during holidays. Many of these activities are supported by the Annual Fund, which aims to support the widest possible range of extra-curricular activity to all boys in the school.

Some of the clubs and societies operate in co-operation with Lancaster Girls' Grammar School, for example those concerned with music, drama and debating. 

The list of societies is constantly changing, reflecting the interests of staff and pupils, but over the years has included the following:

5-a-side Football
Amnesty International                        
Armchair Generals  
Army Shooting                          
Bad Boyz Bakin’                                                 
Badminton Club
Beginners Mandarin                 
Board Games Club                              
Brass Group                                 
Bridge Club          
CCF Army, Navy, RAF
Canoe Club      
Chess Club                                   
Christian Union    
Climbing Club   
Coding Club                          
Cross Country Club   
Doctor Who Catch up
Drama Club                                         
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold)                                   
Dungeons and Dragons                              
Fair Trade Committee    
Fitness Club
Geographical Society
Go Club                        
Handball Club          
Hockey Club              
History Society                                   
Homework Club      
Insanity T25
InspirUS Club
International Club
Junior Debating Society                                   
Junior Quiz League        
Linguistics Society                    
Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society
Lego Club
Orienteering Club        
Quiz League
Roleplaying Club
Rowing and Fitness                      
Sci Fi and Fantasy Club          
Senior Boarders Gym Club                
Swimming Club                                  
Technology Club  
Tennis Club   
Texas Hold'em Society                                           
Warhammer Club                               
Whewell Society