Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

On purpose

Great teaching doesn’t happen by accident. Nor does excellent pastoral care, or a great boarding community. Instead, successful schools have a strong shared purpose. 

A group of staff, parents, governors and students was challenged recently to define that shared purpose for LRGS. “Martin Luther King didn’t have a mission statement,” said Kevin Roberts, hosting us: “He had a dream.”

We thought much about breadth of opportunity, health and well-being, and about the next generation of leaders coming through our school. We ended with this – and a few weeks later, it seems just as powerful as it did on that day: 

Purpose: To make a positive impact locally and globally by creating the leaders of tomorrow

Spirit: A northern powerhouse

Focus: Lead in order to serve:  Praesis ut Prosis


  • Academic excellence as the bedrock, and adding value through the development of character in boarding and beyond the classroom
  • Providing a broad curriculum and extra-curriculum, promoting intellectual curiosity and inspiring independence
  • Inspiring our students to perform at the highest level through exceptional teaching
  • Creating a world-changing environment for mental health and wellbeing
  • Producing, developing and inspiring the next generation of leaders
  • Providing the opportunity for all pupils to do things they could never imagine: “from any street to anywhere”
  • Being more than a school: a home, a community, a powerhouse