Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Year 7 Induction

A warm welcome to all parents of Year 7 pupils who are starting at LRGS this year. We have attached a range of induction letters and information sheets (see below) which we hope will be of interest to you as you prepare for your son joining the school. We hope you find them useful and look forward to welcoming your son in September.

School Uniform

School uniform is available from Uniform and Leisurewear, 15 Common Garden Street, Lancaster (opposite Marketgate Car Park). Tel: 01524 848494.

First Day at LRGS

The first day of term for Year 7s starting in 2019 is Tuesday 3 September.  Please could boys come to the Grab and Go cafe at 9am.  The cafe is in the City View building on the top site of LRGS.  You will be visiting this building for the Induction Afternoons in June, but to see where it is located, click on the School Map - City View is at no.30.

We have reorganised the first day and it should be very enjoyable for the new boys. They will start with refreshments and meeting prefects and form teachers. They will then be taken to their form rooms and spend time with form teachers, going over their timetables and other activities.  After lunch there will be games and home time is 3.30pm.

On Day 1 boys just need to bring a pencil case, lunch or lunch money and rugby kit.

School Day

The normal school day starts at 8.50am with Form Period or Assembly and finishes at 3.30pm.  Click here to see what the school day looks like. These timings, plus a range of other useful information, is in the boys' homework diary, which they will receive on their first day.


LRGS uses an online payment system “Wisepay” to enable parents to pay for trips, music lessons, etc.  From the beginning of term, parents of new pupils at the school will be sent, via email, their username and login details to access Wisepay. Further information can be found in the Wisepay Information document.

If you have any further enquiries about induction at LRGS, please contact our Head of Year 7 and Transition, Mrs Kathryn Page.