Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

“Pupils Flourish at Lancaster Royal Grammar School” Ofsted

A recent Ofsted inspection at Lancaster Royal Grammar School has resulted in a ‘Good’ overall report whilst Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and Sixth Form Provision were all judged ‘Outstanding’.

The Ofsted inspectors visited in October and following their two day visit have reported a series of exceptionally positive comments about LRGS pupils and the enormous range of opportunities on offer at the school.  It also highlights the quality and expertise of staff.  All pupils leave the school as well-rounded individuals.  Pupils are described as considerate, well-behaved, polite and respectful. 

Pupils’ experience  

  • Pupils flourish at LRGS. Without exception, pupils said that they enjoy school. They feel safe and happy.   
  • Pupils embrace and value different faiths and cultures, and respect others’ rights and opinions.    
  • They develop into articulate, confident, and independent young adults.    
  • Pupils behave exceptionally well. In lessons, pupils are attentive and respectful. They build strong relationships with staff.    
  • Pupils enjoy a first-class range of enrichment activities. Those cultivate pupils’ leadership skills and contribute to their character development.    

Teaching and learning  

  • All pupils achieve well. Sixth-form students achieve exceptionally well.    
  • Pupils benefit from teachers’ expert subject knowledge and skilful curriculum delivery.    
  • All pupils learn well, including disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND.    
  • The school promotes a love of reading through a wide range of texts, deepening pupils' cultural knowledge.    

Sixth form  

  • The curriculum is tailored to meet students’ needs exceptionally well.    
  • Staff have high levels of subject expertise. Students’ progress extremely well, and develop a deep body of subject expertise.    
  • Sixth Formers are incredibly appreciative of the enormous range of additional enrichment activities and opportunities on offer.    
  • Students benefit from carefully planned work experience and guidance on next steps.   

School culture  

  • All pupils leave the school as well-rounded individuals.    
  • A vast number of pupils willingly give up their time to help others.    
  • A strong, purposeful learning community where pupils and staff support each other.    
  • Governors are knowledgeable, supportive, and provide robust levels of challenge.    


  • Pupils know that there are adults in school that they can talk to about any concerns.    
  • The school’s personal development programme (“Values”) is carefully constructed.   
  • Leaders are proactive, and ensure that staff are well-trained on safeguarding issues.    

Two areas for improvement  

  • To ensure that assessments always link precisely to the core knowledge that teachers want pupils to know and remember, so that assessments routinely pinpoint exact misconceptions and any deficits in knowledge.    
  • To fine-tune our systems for checking the quality of education that pupils receive, to gain a clearer insight into any small adjustments that staff need to make to curriculum plans.    


Headmaster Dr Pyle said: “We are delighted at the aspects of our provision judged Outstanding – Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and the Sixth Form – and many positive comments about the entire school. This was a short visit by a small team. Inspectors visited some areas of the school and spent a limited amount of time in lessons.  We would like them to have stayed longer and seen more.  They did not look at boarding. Boarding inspections take place every three years and the last report is here.”

“It is disappointing that inspectors decided not to refer to the pandemic at any point in their report.  The pandemic has been a defining feature of our pupils’ experience during the last two years. This has been the period of greatest educational disruption since 1945. We are very proud of the whole school’s response – including our pastoral care, remote teaching, digital provision to disadvantaged pupils, free use of boarding accommodation for NHS staff, community volunteering, COVID testing, and teacher-assessed grades amongst other areas.”

Dr Pyle added: “We will reflect on the areas for improvement highlighted in the report as we continue to work with great energy for the further development and improvement of the school. Most of all, thank you to all staff for all their efforts to make LRGS a fabulous and exceptional school and it is a privilege to teach and care for the pupils who join us.”