Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Big Book Giveaway

The English department have gifted nearly 2000 books to pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 as part of their 'Big Book Giveaway'.

Spurred on by the move from the Swainson to the International Building and needing the space to renew and replenish stock Mr Rafferty came up with the idea of bundling up age appropriate texts to give to the pupils.  These previously loved texts are either surplus stock or no longer taught by the English department but are still well worthy of reading.  Mr Rafferty said "We would love it if boys and their families read and enjoy these texts or alternatively gift them to those they think will."

We are delighted these books are getting a new life in the homes of LRGS pupils and many boys have been really excited about the books in their bundles. We've tried to match texts to the age groups they're suited to and have also managed to distribute some texts that will be on the GCSE set text list for next year to Year 9 pupils.

Happy reading boys!