Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Financial Advice from Sixth Form Students

Business and Economics students have found creative ways to make financial education resources to improve financial literacy amongst their peers.

Sixth Form students have been working on the Erasmus + Personal Finance Programme which aims to make young people more informed of everyday financial issues including savings and investments and borrowing and mortgages.

In front of  a packed assembly of Upper and Lower Sixth, Jaidan and Will presented their film on the house-buying process and applying for mortgages. They highlighted information about deposits, stamp duty, fees and interest rates.

Russell Wareing, Head of Business and Economics at Lancaster Royal Grammar School said: “Pupils have been creating resources that will be used to teach young people how to manage their money and be aware of the various opportunities and risks. Our group have been looking at investments and mortgages and have created resources to increase awareness in these issues in really innovative ways through producing engaging films and leaflets.”

Students are going to Cyprus to meet up with partner schools where they will share their resources and get feedback on their projects.

For further information about the Erasmus+ Personal Finance Programme please visit the website and Facebook page.