Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

ESU Schools' Mace Grand Final 2024

Congratulations to the three students who made it through to the English Speaking Union Schools' MACE Grand Final last week in London.

Sandy, Oskar and Alice were one of twelve teams through to the Grand Final, a fantastic achievement as over 300 teams across the country have taken part. 

They participated in the semi-finals proposing the motion; This House Would criminalise the payment of ransoms for cyber crimes.  

The Schools’ Mace, founded in 1957, is the oldest and largest debating competition for schools in England and Wales. Involving around 300 schools each year, it offers students from Key Stages 3 to 5 the opportunity to discuss and debate a wide array of controversial subjects and current affairs. Over several heats of topical, passionate dialogue, students develop their knowledge of the world, as well as their reasoning and presentation skills, in a fun, enriching and competitive environment.

Miss Mitchell, Head of English at LRGS said: "Reaching finals day was a phenomenal achievement and they really managed to hold their own against the best debaters from across England and Wales. Oskar, Alice and Sandy, although they didn't make the final, are Semi-Finalists and Regional Champions for the North-West and North Wales which means they are one of the top twelve teams out of an original pool of 360.  A number of people came up to them on the day, including other teachers, parents and members of the ESU to congratulate them on their performance and to compliment them on their speaking style.  The judges said that they managed POIs and rebuttal incredibly well, being polite and calm whilst managing to deal with the questions and points put forward. 'You didn't miss a point' was their observation. It was noted how well they worked together as a team, pre-empting points and engaging with intellectual debate."

She also added: "Although all of these elements of their skill are to be praised, and it's what has got them this far, what I'm most proud of is how they conducted themselves all day. The whole team were a pleasure to be with, were a model of good sportsmanship and were generous in their praise of others. Special thanks also to Iona, Matthew, Tayo, Juan and Anthony who gave up Thursday evenings throughout the year to provide POIs, questions from the floor, judge their contributions and make them justify their positions."