Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

You Helped to Raise over £34,000 for Lenten Charities

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated money for the Lenten Charities. In total, we have raised a record-breaking £34,274.66.

Well done to everybody who took part in the fund-raising; from pie a Sixth Former to sponge a student, the numerous cakes that have been baked and eaten, to a kayakathon, the Set Run, a tug-of-war and a Run to Kyiv (which raised £4102) and so much more!

A special mention to 9R for raising the highest Form total of £2,388 for their legendary auction.

The greatest fundraisers from each year are:

U6APS £502.20

L6RLF £741.65

11R AB £303.91

10G DAW £520.30

9G NJR £2388.68

8G ATF £589.00

7T LL £1912.67

Thank you to you all for your donations which will be distributed between the Lenten Charities, chosen by pupils, they are: Team Reece, St John’s Hospice, Cancer Research, Action Aid Zimbabwe, and Papyrus. We have also been raising funds for humanitarian aid for Ukraine.