Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Head of School 2021-22

The top team have been selected to represent LRGS as Head of School for 2021-22.

Tom has been chosen as Head of School supported by Deputies; Travis, Poppy and Clement.

Tom, new Head of School, said: “The year 2020-21 has been a year that the pupils of LRGS will never forget. I would like to thank the previous Head of School, Adam and his team for steering us through this troubling time and for providing us with stability and security within school. As I take on the role of Head of School, I would like to speak directly to each one of you and remind you of the importance of communication and the support network that surrounds you. As a member of the LRGS community, you are never alone. The leadership team are here to support you and our school motto, Praesis ut prosis, has never been more important or relevant to us as we look at how we can work together to serve you best at this time. Our aim is to make ourselves visible and approachable and to help you through any difficulties that you may be experiencing.”

“We also want to share with you just how much fun it is to be a member of LRGS and what a wealth of opportunity is waiting for you: in lessons, out on the sports field and in the huge array of extra-curricular activities that the school provides. As I embark upon my final year at LRGS, I am increasingly aware of how fortunate I have been to be a member of this community and, as Head of School, I will work with the leadership team to ensure that the year 2021/22 is a successful, stimulating and, above all, happy one for you all.”

Travis, Deputy Head (Welfare) said: “Over the last eight months, LRGS has been an inclusive community in which I have been encouraged to thrive. The wide range of extra-curricular activities and pastoral support feed into the ethos that makes our school special. I have been involved in Parallel Histories, which, whilst complementing the History A-level, has allowed me to demonstrate leadership qualities and make like-minded friends. It is a privilege to serve as Deputy Head of School alongside Tom, Poppy, Clement and senior members of staff, each of whom I look forward to working with.”

“Despite disruptions to learning due to the pandemic, staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that every student is well and eager to learn. I suppose that, above all, we are keen to make ourselves known across school as friendly faces, as well as being the team that puts together events/fundraisers and delivers assemblies. As restrictions ease, the Prefect network will re-establish a fun and supportive environment that inspires every student to smile and work in fellowship to achieve their utmost potential, both within and outside the classroom.”

“As an external student, I remember the stream of uncertainties that washed over me on my Induction Day in the Lower Sixth. I hope to replicate the kindness that Miles Davis, the previous DHoS for Pupil Welfare, showed me in my first days and ease any worries or tensions that my fellow students face. Whether you are returning or starting afresh this September, LRGS is learning at its highest standard, and we look forward to welcoming you.”

Poppy, Deputy Head (Operations) said: “Although I have only been at the school a year, LRGS has already provided me with vast amounts of opportunities to get involved and skills to develop. These opportunities vary from academic competitions to the wide array of extra-curricular and sport activities on offer. The relationships at this school with teachers and students are brilliant, creating a warm and friendly environment inside and outside the classroom. With the support available from both staff and peers, students are able to reach their full potential and develop a plethora of skills.”

“The wide range of extracurricular activities offered at LRGS is something that is so special about the school. There truly is something for everyone, whether that be sports teams, politics, history, or music and many more. Everyone’s interests are catered for and if by some chance there is not a club that appeals, the students are encouraged to set one up. Already, I have been involved with the rugby, netball and rowing teams as well as in school clubs and competitions. Not only does the school offer extra-curricular activities, but also, trips and educational visits which we are very keen to restart after these unprecedented times.”

“As Deputy Head of Operations, my role is to maintain the strong relationships between pupils and staff. I will continue to be a positive role model to the school and bring an efficient and structured approach to make sure the dining hall, grab and go, library and lost property are all run to the highest of standards. I will be working very closely with Tom, Clement, and Travis this year to make sure the school sees plenty of positive changes to help all parts of the LRGS community. Serving the school is an honour and privilege, and I am very grateful to be given this opportunity.”

Clement, Deputy Head of Events and Charities said: “Upon accepting the role as Deputy Head, I felt a surge of excitement that is mixed with the weight of responsibility. Excited, because I now have the platform to offer change for my school and the local community; responsible, as I would affect the school life of pupils up and down the school. After a year of restrictions, I understand the scale of the challenge everyone would face in reintegrating back into normal school life, so it would be our team’s job to help you and reinvigorate the lively, warm and inclusive environment that so defines LRGS.”

“Praesis ut prosis” best encapsulates the spirit of Events and Charity work. It is the spirit you hold when sacrificing your free time in benefiting others. This does not just work on the grand level of leading a fund-raising event, but on the personal level too when you care for your friends and mingle with your classmates, and most importantly, you do so without condition. That is the essence of Charity that I would like to convey to you. We would continue with the Green Team’s successful Crisp Packet Recycling Programme and experiment with new forms of fund-raising events for you to help make a difference at school and in our local community. At the same time, as a reward to you all for getting through the past year, we will organise new forms of events that brings us all closer together and celebrate our strength as one.”

“I know getting through restrictions is as hard as easing back into normality, and I accept that we may not always offer the right answers to everything relating to your school life. So it is my personal desire to reach out to you and make myself approachable, and you can relay your concerns to me as your friend. I look forward to coming round to your form rooms or receiving your emails for a meet-up to chat about your time at school. For now, let’s all look ahead to a new year of new opportunities. Together we will rebuild our LRGS community and take comfort in calling this dynamic, diverse and inclusive place our home.”