Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Application for 11+ testing (admission 2020)

I wish to apply for a*

Candidate information

Note: Parents must inform the Governors of Lancaster Royal Grammar School of any change of address which may take place after the completion of this form and before September 2020.

Address of Parent(s) / Guardians

Postal salutation (how letters should be addressed to you e.g. Mr & Mrs AB Smith)

If the candidate is not living with parents, give the name and address of his guardian or person with whom he habitually resides or: for a boarder whose parents are living overseas, give the name and address of the UK guardian.

Present School

Please state if your son has any special educational needs or any medical conditions which may be relevant to the way in which the 11 tests are organised. Where appropriate, please email photocopies of the relevant documentary evidence to (Note that information provided will not be used in the assessment)