Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Record Breaking £24,000 Raised for Charity

Pupils raised over £24,000 for charity this year and presented the organisations with their cheques recently.

This amazing total was achieved by the boys through fundraising activities, some individual and many organised by forms. Activities included; an auction, a non-uniform day, quizzes and raffles, leg waxing and head-shaving as well as whole school events such as the Set Run.

The school has a Charities Committee made up of pupils who are involved in selecting which charities are chosen. Earlier this year all pupils were invited to vote on which charities were supported.

Benefiting from the £24,000 total raised this year are:

Local Charities: Team Reece and St John’s Hospice

National Charities: Stand Up to Cancer and The Children’s Liver Foundation.

International Charities: Money for Madagascar and Friends of Chernobyl’s Children.

Representatives from each charity were invited to LRGS for a presentation lunch with pupils to talk about their fundraising endeavours and heard how the money they raised is changing the lives of people around the world.

Rachel O’Neil from Team Reece said: “This year has been tough not just for me but for all of us who have lost Reece. One thing Reece wanted was to upgrade the holiday home to add heating and this money will provide a caravan with heating so that children who are seriously ill can still come and visit without feeling too cold, it is something that Reece wanted and you have helped achieve. I am really proud of you all – thank you!”

Chris Pilkington from St John’s Hospice said: “I would encourage you to visit us and experience the hospice for yourself. This money will go to the Hospice at Home scheme to provide care to people in their own homes to die surrounded by their loved ones. It will help to provide care for people not just on the wards but in their own homes. Thank you very much.”

Ros Howell from The Children’s Liver Foundation said: “We represent the charity as bereaved parents, thank you very much indeed for the donation!”

On behalf of The Friends of Chernobyl’s Children, Mandy Whitehouse collected the donation and said: “Thank you very much boys, this donation will pay for six children from Belarus to visit us this year. The children are still living in contaminated areas and come here for respite. Their visit includes a trip to LRGS so you may get to meet them in person.”

Irenee Rajaona-Horne from the international (and locally based) charity Money for Madagascar said: “Thank you for this donation, it is even more than last year! It is great to be here to learn about the innovative ways you fundraise. We will be using this donation on humanitarian efforts, working with local people in Madagascar to help provide support to help them build and improve their own communities. As well as fundraising, we are asking for you to get more involved with volunteering and would like to invite you to an event on 12 July at the Friends Meeting House to find out more about our volunteering opportunities which may be relevant to those doing their DofE Award or who are interested in a gap year placement.”

Headmaster Dr Chris Pyle said: “I am delighted that our pupils were able to meet with representatives from the local, national and international charities that were nominated this year. Hearing from them what the donations will be spent on reminds us why we support them and shows we are genuinely looking out for our community.”