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November 2018

  • 30/11/18

    Deep roots of boarding

    Lancaster Royal Grammar School has been a boarding school since medieval times.  Our first known boarder was a certain Adam de Preston, mentioned in a court case in 1292. Adam had been sent to “Thomas le Scholemaystre of Lancaster,” and boarded with the Schoolmaster. 
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  • 29/11/18


    … isn’t just about coping with the trials of life; it is also about taking advantage of its opportunities.  We have developed an increasingly explicit focus on well-being at LRGS. 
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  • 27/11/18

    Is it expensive?

    A group of governors and staff met before the start of term to look ahead at the school’s plans and priorities.  One governor said that a neighbour had asked him: “Is it expensive?” 
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  • 23/11/18

    What do schools run on?

    “Do you know what schools run on?” the Head asked me, with a slightly forbidding air, as I accepted my very first responsibilities in school management. “Goodwill. And don’t you forget it!” 
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  • 14/11/18

    Endings and beginnings

    “To make an end is to make a beginning,” wrote TS Eliot.  It has been lovely to host Year 6 transition afternoons recently – the end of primary school approaching, and the beginning of a new adventure! 
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  • 12/11/18

    A place for unhistoric acts

    The Manchester bomb felt very close indeed to some of the LRGS community. Many of our pupils and parents know people who were at the concert or were directly affected by that terrible event. 
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  • 09/11/18

    A great tradition - an eventful journey!

    We held a brilliant reunion of former pupils and staff last week at St John’s College, Cambridge. There was a good mixture of recent and not-so-recent leavers, and plenty of cheerful conversation!
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  • 06/11/18

    On being the right size

    As a teenager interested in natural history, I read biologist JBS Haldane’s famous essay: “On being the right size.” Why are insects so small? Why do trees grow to 30 feet, but rarely 300 feet? 
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November 2018