Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Reece Holt 2005-2019

It is with much sorrow that we are marking the death of Reece Holt at the age of 13. 

“I can’t believe I’m writing this now,” one of his friends wrote in the book of memories for Reece, “and not in 80 years’ time.”

Reece had a big impact on the school.  He was the most positive of pupils, and the bravest.  Reece loved school, and his classmates were delighted to spend time with him.  

Reece already knew that he had a serious brain tumour when he started at LRGS in September 2017, and his time here was punctuated by illness. 

And the small things were big things.  

It was a big thing that he sat his 11+ tests, in the middle of his first phase of treatment, and passed.  And that he was well enough to start school with his year group last September.  

It was a big thing that he was well enough to come to the outdoor residential at Pooley Bridge, and leap into Ullswater in last summer’s glorious weather. 

Do not despise the day of small things, says the prophet’s ancient wisdom. 

A big thing that he was able to come to our Carol Service at Lancaster Priory, and the pantomimes on the final day of term. 

A big thing that a staff member took his final completed Technology project to him at his hospital bed. 

We’ll carry on fundraising for Team Reece, and he will not be forgotten in the school.  We mark Reece’s death, and we will celebrate his bright young life.