Lancaster Royal
Grammar School


… isn’t just about coping with the trials of life; it is also about taking advantage of its opportunities. 

We have developed an increasingly explicit focus on well-being at LRGS. 

Pupils absorb the school’s values, of course: from committed teachers; through music and sport; with a housemaster who asks the right questions; from Sixth Form role models. 

But skills for well-being can be taught as well as caught

We are embedding the Penn Resilience programme in our Values programme, and How to Thrive have been into school to train our staff. 

This programme emerged from Martin Seligman’s research at the University of Pennsylvania. At its heart are practical skills for young people to apply in the challenges of everyday life, as they discuss their feelings, thoughts and actions. 

Reflection and role play are amongst the tools to develop those skills: solving problems and making decisions; asking for help; assertiveness and negotiation. 

  • You left your book on the kitchen table. Someone jostled past you in the sports hall. Lots of red pen on your History essay!
  • Starting secondary school. GCSEs. First term at university. How will you look out for your friends? Volunteers needed: Will your hand go up? 

Some of life’s storms are very testing. Support systems range from our Nurse and Learning Support team to the dozen staff who recently attended training in mental health first aid. 

None of this is magic. Day by day, week by week. Not just to cope, but to thrive.