Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Les Misérables: The power of performance

Les Misérables sings the turbulent stories of those caught up in the uprisings of nineteenth century France. Here is betrayal, loss and unrequited love – and redemption, forgiveness and hope. Each character struggles with the brokenness of a life far from the purity of their dreams. "Who am I? "

Huge thanks and congratulations on a stunning production to Directors Mrs Rachael Gibson and Mrs Sarah Owens, and to Musical Director Mr Paul Swannell (LGGS) and Mrs Emma Lamb. 

The Duke’s Theatre sold out long before March, and each night’s standing ovations told the story of its reception.  Acclaim poured in:  

  “Forget the West End, forget Broadway, the joint Grammar production of Les Misérables was just incredible this evening.” 

  “Wonderful – I would urge you to beg, steal or borrow a ticket.” 

  “Just amazing – I cried. And the orchestra – wow!” 

  “Absolutely phenomenal talent …” 

  “A triumph full of innovative and unique detail …” 

I’m sure many tears were shed! Les Misérables was an outstanding production, marked by performances of astonishing maturity. Very well done to every single one of the cast, musicians, production team and crew. 

Any school production has an aim beyond entertainment, of course. Teachers invest vast time and effort because they know that performance is powerful: 

Working together from rehearsals to the opening night. Steadying your nerves in the spotlight. Dealing with the unexpected, in public, right now. Holding a full theatre in the palm of your hands. 

Those are life-changing moments for the pupils involved. Performance is powerful. 

And the challenge for the rest of the school? Don’t leave your song unsung. Find your voice!