Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

Our coeducational Sixth Form

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Sixth Form girls to LRGS next September. 

We will offer something unique in our region: a coeducational Sixth Form with exceptional academic standards and all-round opportunities; and a very welcoming community, large enough to offer a broad curriculum but small enough to know each student well. 

A mixed Sixth Form adds a new dimension. It means preparation for life, which isn’t single sex; it enriches the classroom with a diversity of voices; and it will be brilliant for pupils to see Sixth Form girls as role models, prefects and leaders. 

Perhaps surprisingly, though, this is not the first time that girls have been pupils at LRGS. 

A blue plaque for the nineteenth century chemist Sir Edward Frankland stands by the New Building entrance. And when Frankland was a pupil, the school was mixed. 

The school’s historian writes: Girls worked in the same room as boys. Although rather repugnant to the later Victorians, co-education was common in Lancashire in those decades. Frankland adjudged that “far from there having been any disadvantage arising out of this mixture of the sexes, there was a decided benefit.”  

A few years later, Headmaster Herbert Watson was also a believer in coeducation although only to the extent that By special leave of the Governors, his own daughters were enrolled into the School

What I would say to those considering LRGS, though, is that it’s not about girls or boys. It is about the right school for you. This is a great opportunity – come and see what we offer.