Extra Curricular Activities, Clubs and Societies

Lancaster Royal Grammar Schools offers a wealth of clubs and societies' activities, which take place after school or at lunchtimes and, in some cases, at weekends and during holidays.

Some of the clubs and societies operate in co-operation with Lancaster Girls' Grammar School, for example those concerned with music, drama and debating. 

The list of societies is constantly changing, reflecting the interests of staff and pupils, but over recent years it has included the following:

  • Amnesty International  
    Armchair Generals   
    Athletics Club    
    Bad Boyz Bakin’Club   
    Badminton Club 2nd/3rd Yr   
    Badminton Club Snr/1st Yr  
    Basketball Games Club Snr 
    Board Games Club    
    Boarders’ Club    
    Boat Club     
    Boat Club Circuits/Weights  
    CCF Parade    
    Canoe Club    
    Christian Union   
    Cross Country Club   
    Drama Club    
    Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold)    
    DofE Cooking Skills Club    
    DofE Cooking Skills Club   
    Fair Trade Committee   
    Fitness Club    
    French Reading Group   
    Geographical Society     
    History Society          
    Homework Club    
    Junior Quiz League   
    Laurel and Hardy Society   
    Literature Society   
    Lego Robotics    
    Orienteering Club   
    Sci Fi and Fantasy Club   
    Senior Sci Fi Club (4th Yr+) 
    Sons of the Earth   
    Sports Hall Lunchtime Clubs  
    Swimming Club    
    Table Tennis Club 2nd/3rd Yr 
    Table Tennis Club 1st Year  
    Technology Club         
    Tennis Club    
    Warhammer Club   
    Whewell Society

    Big Band    
    Brass Group    
    Chamber Choir     
    Choir +     
    Guitar Group    
    LRGS/LGGS Joint Vocal Group 
    LGGS/LRGS Orchestra   
    Samba Band    
    Storey House Ensemble   
    String Group    
    Theory Club      
    Training Band (G2-G5)   
    Violin Group    
    Wind Band