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Grammar School

The Senior Prefect Team for 2019 Welcome You to LRGS


Head of School Ben Anderton is leading the Senior Prefect Team for 2019 with three Deputy Heads: Tom Anderton, Tom Fort and Patrick Bishop.

On taking up his new role, Ben said:  "LRGS is a truly remarkable school, both in terms of academic excellence and wider opportunities. I am honoured to have been selected as Head of School and excited to be part of the Senior Prefect Team in a historic year for the school. The landmark development in becoming a Coeducational Sixth Form will only prove to enhance the LRGS community and the quality of education in the Sixth Form." 

"I am currently studying Geography, History and Mathematics and completed the Extended Project Qualification in Lower Sixth - an opportunity that I would highly recommend to any Sixth Former interested in researching a topic beyond the curriculum. I was personally able to use the EPQ to research an area of Law, a valuable opportunity to demonstrate my interest in the course I am aspiring to study at university."

"The balance between academia and extra-curricular activities in the school is in my opinion what sets an LRGS student apart from others. The shared passion between students and teachers to achieve academic excellence means that our students consistently perform exceptionally well in their exams. However, alongside the academic excellence, the vast array of opportunities available to pupils, such as DofE, debating, the Combined Cadet Force and an endless list of sports, mean that LRGS produces well-rounded individuals who are prepared for life beyond Sixth Form. The school provides you with a platform to pursue any passion, whether that be at a competitive level or as a hobby."

"As Head of School, my main role will be to work alongside Tom, Tom and Patrick, the wider prefect team and teachers to maintain the school’s high standards and improve aspects of student life wherever possible. Each member of the Senior Prefect Team is more than happy to talk to any student, both in and around school or via email, with any questions, issues, suggestions or even just to have a chat. We have all been in your shoes and are happy to help in any way we can. I look forward to meeting you all in September."

Deputy Head with responsibility for Operations, Tom Anderton said: 

“LRGS has provided me with the opportunity to develop over the past six years. I have been challenged academically, allowing me to learn a wide range of subjects. The relationships which are developed with teachers help create a positive environment in the classroom. This means that students can be challenged, helping them reach their full potential. I feel comfortable in the classroom, working both independently and in groups with my classmates.” 

“The wide range of extracurricular activities offered at LRGS is unparalleled. The number of sports teams, alongside other clubs and societies means there is something for everyone. I have been involved with Cricket and Rugby during my time at school, as well as Music and the Green Team during Lower Sixth. From this, I have had the chance to tour Barbados, Iceland and will be travelling to Dubai next year with the senior cricket squad. Last year we visited Iceland, it was a great opportunity to see the volcanoes and glaciers we had been studying in the classroom. These have been great trips, where I have been able to experience different cultures”. 

“I am currently studying Biology, Geography, PE and Chemistry. I am hoping to study Geography at university as it is a subject I am passionate about”.

“As Deputy Head of Operations, my role is to ensure that relationships between pupils and staff remain strong. I will be working with Ben, Patrick and Tom this year, to make positive changes within the school, helping all parts of the LRGS community.” 

Deputy Head with responsibility for Welfare, Tom Fort said:

"It is a real honour for me to be able to hold such a position at a truly fantastic school, one which has and continues to provide me with an enriching experience and a wealth of opportunity both within and outside the classroom. I am currently studying German, Economics and Geography as part of my A-Level studies, three subjects which I am incredibly passionate about and I hope to be able to study Modern Languages at University."

"LRGS really encouraged me to get involved. In my six years at the school I have represented various sports teams, taken advantage of the wide variety of extra-curricular activities and have even been fortunate enough to travel far and wide with the support of the school pursuing my own interests, from skiing in Canada to studying in Germany. Not only have I built on what I was already interested in, but I have also been able to explore new areas which has played a great role in shaping the person I am today. For example, I feel I am now a much more competent and confident public speaker, something which the school has helped to foster throughout my time here, which has truly been a very rewarding experience."

"As a Deputy Head of School with a focus on pupil welfare, it is my responsibility to ensure that everyone can truly feel at home at LRGS, whether you are new to the school or if you have been with us for many years. I will be working extensively with other members of the Senior Leadership Team as well many other prefects involved with the welfare of our students in order to create the best possible school environment, both for learning and thriving. At LRGS, we pride ourselves on the excellent support we provide for our students, which has enabled us to establish a strong sense of community throughout the school. LRGS is a school which is passionate about pushing you to the limits of your potential, but also supporting you on every step of your personal journey with us."

Deputy Head of Charities and Events, Patrick Bishop said: 

“It is a privilege to have been chosen as part of the new Senior Leadership Team. I am excited to work with the other three members throughout the coming year to try and better the school and leave a positive lasting impression. I am currently studying Economics, Geography and Business and Management and I am hoping to study Geography at university, as it is my main passion”.

“One aspect of LRGS that allows pupils to thrive and excel is the opportunities on offer outside of the classroom. I am in the Economics Society and part of the Green Team, which is working to make our school more eco-friendly. This year will be my third year of 1st XV rugby which I am excited and grateful for and I am the 2nd XI cricket captain. The support from not only the coaches but also the pupils, is superb and has allowed me to achieve national honours such as representing the North of England, Sale Sharks Academy and Lancashire under 18s at rugby. If I were to give one piece of advice to those who join us in September, it would be to take as many opportunities on offer in order to better yourself as a person.”

“My role as head of charities and events this year will involve helping everyone with their charity endeavours, as the school looks to continue its monumental charity fund raising. The school calendar is also full of enjoyable events for this year and if anyone has any ideas for new events then please feel free to come speak to me. I am looking forward to meeting everyone next year and hoping to ensure the smooth running of the school.”           

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