Lancaster Royal
Grammar School

The Senior Prefect Team for 2018 Welcome You to LRGS

Head of School Josh Fowler is leading the Senior Prefect Team for 2018 with three Deputy Heads: Jack Collingwood, Ethan Kidd and Cain Donnelley.

On taking up his new role, Josh said: "LRGS is an extraordinary school, and to be elected as Head of School is both an honour and a very exciting prospect as I look forward to the coming year. My favorite part of LRGS, is without a doubt the community spirit at the school, built through the mutual respect between students and teachers, the shared passion for academics and the friendly attitude between all pupils."

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography whilst also aiming towards an Extended Project Qualification – a fantastic opportunity for any current or prospective Sixth Former! I aspire to study Medicine after Sixth Form, an increasingly competitive course, and the breadth of opportunities that LRGS has provided me with will help immensely.

This year will be my third season of 1st XV rugby, a passion of mine that this school has introduced to me, and encouraged me to follow outside of school, even taking me to Argentina on a tour. I have also had the pleasure of representing the school in athletics, taking part in DofE and Debating while pursuing other areas at a lower level, for example; cricket, swimming, the Combined Cadet Force, chess, programming and theatre.

As Head, my role involves liaising with Cain, Ethan and Jack, the rest of the prefect team and also teachers, to discuss various aspects of school life. Each one of us on the Senior Leadership Team strives to make the school that little bit better, in any way possible. You are more than welcome to come to us either when you see us around school, or via email, with any questions, issues, suggestions or even just for a chat. I look forward to meeting you all over the coming months - we have all been in your shoes and are more than happy to help."

Deputy Head with responsibility for Operations Jack Collingwood: Jack said : 

"It is a privilege to have been chosen as a part of the Senior Leadership Team. Through working with the three other members I hope we can create a lasting impact on the school during our remaining time in the Sixth Form. Currently I’m studying Maths, Economics and Geography, alongside an EPQ which has allowed me to engage with subject areas beyond the curriculum."

"Throughout the past six years at LRGS I have been offered limitless opportunities, which have been invaluable in allowing me to explore completely new fields of interest and, crucially, develop new skills that will continue to aid me for many years to come. There is an extremely diverse range of opportunities, of which I have been able to experience, including; taking part in a financial education project with the Erasmus programme; forming a squash club; participating in the 1st team for Hockey and my involvement in InspirUS. As the Deputy Head in control of Operations I will strive to ensure the daily running of the school is smooth and that a strong connection between staff and pupils is maintained. LRGS is an environment in which pupils benefit from being supported and challenged immensely on a daily basis. It is this inspiration that embodies the unique community we have at LRGS."

Deputy Head with responsibility for Welfare: Ethan Kidd, said:

"I'm thrilled and grateful for the position I've been given on the Senior Leadership Team and I'm delighted to be able to give back to the school as I've found that it has done so much for me in the past six years. I am currently studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Spanish at A-level and intend to continue into a medical profession in the future after having studied at university."

"The part of life at LRGS that made me into the person I am today is the range of opportunities available in sport and the extra-curricular events. I've represented the school in rugby, cross-country, athletics and football which really shows the variety of sport that a single person can get involved with. I've had a fantastic time in the rugby teams this year and across all levels there's great team spirit and an atmosphere of camaraderie. In cross-country and more recently fell-running, I've been given the chance to represent Lancashire in inter-county races."

"As Deputy Head and leader of the Welfare subsection, I'll be coordinating the welcoming of students of any age into the school and ensuring they feel at home at LRGS. We will be working together to maintain our sense of community, making sure students are connected with teachers and that their opinions are heard. The key aspect of LRGS that really shines is the opportunity, support, and standard of education that is given to the students. It is a school that will push you to your limit, ensuring you reach your full potential and we welcome anyone who's willing to learn and get involved."

Deputy Head of Charities and Events: Cain Donnelly, said: 

"Since my arrival at LRGS in September 2017, I have been struck by the warmth, inclusive demeanour and very high academic standards of all the pupils. This has made me eager to contribute to school life as much as possible. It is this positive attitude that I hope to emulate and support others to pursue as part of my role as Deputy Head of School."

"I am proud to be a member of this school and feel that it has given me a great start to further my academic career. Currently, I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths, as well as completing an Extended Project Qualification, with the intention to study Medicine at university. For any prospective boarders, it is a fantastic opportunity and one that is thoroughly enjoyable. The best thing about boarding is spending so much time with your friends. There are two sessions of prep each evening which are really useful and the support from boarding staff is superb too."

"This year is a big year for the school as we prepare to welcome girls into our Sixth Form in September 2019 and I look forward to working with both pupils and staff to ensure that the transition is a success because it is vital that they receive the same, warm welcome as I did. Personally, I look forward to supporting the younger years with their charitable endeavours and aim for this year to be as successful as previous years, perhaps more so. There are plenty of events to look forward to over the next 12 months and if anyone has any ideas for other potential events please feel free to get in touch and I am excited to be able to work with you, turning ideas into action and getting things done."

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