• LRGS Students discuss new coeducational policies

Planning for a New Era

The Senior Prefect Team have been consulting with boys in Year 10 on plans for when LRGS welcome girls into the Sixth Form in 2019.

Pupils currently in Year 10 will be in the Lower Sixth when the new coeducational admissions policy begins.

One issue that they have been discussing is the Sixth Form dress code. Working in small groups, boys reviewed the current dress code and then looked at three options ranging from smart to casual. They deliberated the pros and cons of each option before coming up with recommendations. The boys decided that all students should be treated equally so that the updated dress code for both genders should be in line with the current policy.

Head Boy Lewis MacPherson said: "With the upcoming changes to the Sixth Form it's really important to get feedback on various topics from the Year 10s, who are the first year that will experience these changes. In our first consultation with a group of representatives from each form, we talked about the Dress Code and discussed various options, looking at examples of dress codes from other schools. The group came to the decision that they would like to see a more formal dress code, in line with our current one, meaning pupils should be maintaining a business-like attire at all times. The reasoning behind this is that it prepares pupils for how to dress properly at interviews, working life and beyond. Suggestions for the girls' dress code included; matching, single-coloured blazers and skirts and a school pin badge. The feedback has been passed back to the school to help them make their decisions. Both myself and the rest of the Senior Prefect Team look forward to our next consultation with the group on other matters."

Headmaster Dr Chris Pyle said: “It’s really good to engage with current pupils as we plan carefully for this exciting change in our Sixth Form for 2019. Their ideas and opinions will help to inform future decisions and development.”