• LRGS Year 10 Book Swap Scheme
  • LRGS Year 10 Book Swap Scheme

A Novel Swap Shop

Year 10 English students are taking part in an inspiring initiative and will be reading prizewinning literature then donating the novels they've purchased themselves to a new book swap scheme.

Inspired by English teacher Mr Rafferty’s own challenge which was to read a novel a week for the whole of 2017, his Year 10 English class have each bought a Pulitzer Prize winning book or a Man Booker prize winning book from the last 20 years and are currently reading them. They are then donating these to school as part of a book swap scheme for future generations of Year 10s.

We are especially grateful to the Friends of LRGS who have donated over £300 to buy some floating shelves and display frames to make a classroom presentation of these books.

Mr Rafferty said: “I have been delighted with the enthusiasm that the boys have shown for this initiative which is wholly in the spirit of the school's motto 'Praesis ut Prosis'. Boys are not only leading the way and pushing themselves with their own choice of reading material but are serving the boys who will follow them through the school. I am also hugely grateful to the friends for getting behind this idea and really encouraging a love, not just of reading, but of reading high quality, award-winning literature."