• LRGS Well-Being Library

Well-Being Library Open

The schools new 'Well-Being Library' is taking shape in the school library.

With thanks to a donation of £250.00 from the Friends of LRGS, we have acquired books for young people to support their emotional health and well-being.

Headmaster Dr Pyle said: “I am delighted at this initiative to create a new Well-Being Library, as part of our programme of health and values education.  Nothing is more important than supporting our pupils with their emotional well-being as we help them to thrive.  As the great American writer Emerson put it: "The first wealth is health!"  I hope that many pupils will find helpful information here on topics from anxiety to teenage brain development.  Very many thanks to the Friends of LRGS for their generous support.”

The book titles are recommended nationally by The Reading Agency and have been compiled by mental health experts and in consultation with young people.

The books are also part of a 'Shelf Help' and 'Books on Prescription ' initiative that has involved GP's and other health professionals to collaborate with local libraries to support people with emotional wellbeing and mental health issues.

The titles support issues such as bullying, low self-esteem, depression, ADHD, anxiety and teenage brain development.

'Mood Boosting' book titles will also be featured in the library, again recommended by young people themselves and promoted by the Read Well Agency.

Pupils from Year 9 have produced artwork for display and posters to advertise the library. It is hoped that this will be a welcome and useful resource that classes may visit as part of their values, PHSE and Cave lessons.