About InspirUS

InspirUS is taught by Mrs Kathryn Page and is for primary children aged 8-10. InspirUS accommodates around 20 children per session, from up to 5 different schools. The children attend InspirUS sessions for 5 weeks; we rotate the schools every half term, over a school year.

Our main focus is to challenge the children and change the way they think; yet also have fun and enjoy the learning journey.

Our sessions include all aspects of the National Curriculum, yet we also go above and beyond this. We want to really ‘wow’ the children and give them lots to think about. Not even the brightest child will find InspirUS ‘easy’. It is designed to challenge even the most able of children, making them think in a critical and creative way. During each session we provide several different activities that the children can try. We realise that children don’t want to spend prolonged periods of time doing one activity; so we adapt our sessions to accommodate this. We always make sure that there is something that each child will enjoy. 

An InspirUS Session: Codes

During this session the children work in small groups to solve a ‘Murder Mystery’. This challenge utilizes the critical thinking skills that the children have developed over the course of the sessions. It is a difficult task for them to complete and requires them to work well as a team and really think hard to be able to crack the codes. The sense of achievement achieved by each child when the mystery is solved is very positive. 

We then look at several different codes; Morse, Braille, pig Latin etc. The children can also construct their own codes using a cipher wheel. The children always enjoy this session as they feel like real detectives. There is a lot of choice in the activities; so there is something that each child can be engaged in. It is also a good session for developing their teamwork, and making them more comfortable in working with children from different schools. 

InspirUS Feedback

‘This experience is something which will stay with our daughter for the rest of her life’  InspirUS Parent

‘We are amazed by how much our son has enjoyed and enthused about the course; it is the highlight of his week! He is now desperate to come to LRGS as he already feels at home here.’ InspirUS Parent

‘InspirUS is fun and exciting, it is challenging but very enjoyable too. I wish we could come everyday!’  InspirUS Pupil