• Founders Day Lunch 2016

Founders' Weekend

Founders’ Weekend 7th – 9th July 2017

Founders’ Weekend will soon be upon us and, as always, we have many varied events lined up for your enjoyment.  At all the events over the weekend partners are, of course, very warmly welcomed.

The prelude to the weekend will be the OL Golf Competition organised this year by Jack Turton who some of you may remember served as our Alumni Officer from 2013-2014. This year OLs will be competing for the Terry Beatson Trophy and the Chris Riley Senior Trophy, whilst current students will compete for the Ian Chambers Scratch Trophy.

On Saturday morning the weekend proper begins with the Founders’ Day church service. Following the service we would be delighted to welcome you to a sparkling reception and buffet lunch in the school dining room.

In the afternoon tours of the school have been arranged. This is a marvellous opportunity to inspect all the improvements made to the fabric of the school, see an archive exhibition curated by Clive Holden (1945-1954) and meet some of the current pupils. There will also be a reception to unveil the new entries on the Honours Board.

OL members are welcome to attend the AGM and then in the evening we will be holding our hugely enjoyable Annual OL Dinner, a chance to catch up with many familiar faces in a convivial atmosphere and enjoy the stunning views from the venue windows.

Sunday sees the conclusion of a busy weekend with the annual BBQ and Regatta at the LRGS Boat Club. Spectators will be very welcome from 10am onwards at Halton Army Camp, Halton Training Camp, Lancaster LA2 6LW. If the weather holds this should make a wonderful finale to the weekend.

Finally, if you are considering staying for the whole weekend we may be able to advise on accommodation.

For further information or to book your place, please refer to the schedule and booking form on this page.